Poll about delivery method of extremely low birthweight LO's

I was enthralled and amazed with our "then and now" post below and it got me thinking about the fact that my DD who was 1 lb. 14 oz. at birth arrived in the world vaginally and naturally.  This was not a birth plan, per se, it is just how it happened because we couldn't stop my labor.  It would seem extremely traumatic for such a tiny person, in hindsight, and I am curious about others' experiences.

What happened with you other ladies with extremely small ones as far as delivery method? 

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Re: Poll about delivery method of extremely low birthweight LO's

  • I had a c-section.  They did not think he would make it vaginally (that was determined at the perinatologist 4 days before I had him).  In the end I would have needed a c-section regardless.  He went into major distress and they took him very fast.  H almost didn't make it to the hospital. 
    Born at 31w3d due to severe IUGR & Placental Insufficiency--2lbs 3ounces

    We'll miss you sweet Debbie Girl (4.21.12) and sweet Cindy Girl (8.9.12)
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  • So my boys weren't extremely low birthweight... 3lbs.6oz. and 3lbs.13oz.  They were 30w3d.  My labor progressed very quickly and I had a vaginal delivery (with an epidural).  Joey was head down and came out first.  Nathan was transverse and they turned him head down manually.  I'm glad I was able to avoid a c-section for recovery purposes, but I didn't realize the risk of delivering early babies vaginally or I would have at least asked a few more questions.  
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  • I had a c-section.  My LO was 35 weeks, no fluid and IUGR.  I had been in the hospital for a few days being monitored.  When they told me it was time, the Doctor gave me a choice.  But he told me there was a good chance I'd end up in the OR regardless.  I'm really glad that I chose the section, and my Doctors seemed to think it was the right decision.  LO was 3 lbs 12 ozs and the cord was wrapped around his neck twice.  My OB said that, almost without a doubt, he would have gone into distress if we'd tried to induce and deliver vaginally. The recovery was rough, but I never thought twice about my decision because my gut told me from the get go that it was best.  
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  • I had a c-section due to a placenta previa, so I would have needed one even if I'd gone full term. I had unexplained PTL (probably caused in some part by the previa) and was losing so much blood they rushed me for the emergency c-section. 
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  • My twins were born at 24.6 weeks and were both born vaginally.  DS was 1 lb 13oz and DD 1lb 6.8oz.  DS was born first and DD was very high and I almost had a c section for her but when I saw them open the surgical pack I became extra determined esp since my epi had completely worn off hours before delivery and I would have had to have been knocked out. 

    DS did have a grade 4 IVH but it was not present after birth and occured somewhere between day 2 and 7 so I donot think it was due to delivery.  DD passed away at DOL 3 but had no bleeds on US the night she died, her lungs just were not ready.

  • DS was a c-section, born 23w5d after I developed an infection a few days after my cerclage. I was transferred via ambulance from one hospital to one with a Level 3 NICU when it was clear he was coming. My transferring doc wasn't sure how they would have me deliver, but I was so relieved that the MFM that delivered him said c-section. I really think a vaginal birth would have been so much more traumatic for me (and him). I was in such shock that he was coming and terrified about his survival.  He also didn't have any bleeds at birth, but developed a L2 bleed somewhere around week 2 of life (which resolved a few weeks later). 

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  • My LO's were 1lb 10oz at birth and I had a c-section.  A few days before I gave birth they had me sign a release to agree to a c-section because it would have been too traumatic for them to be delivered vaginally.  In the end I had an emergency c-section bc I had a placental abruption.
  • While my doctor wanted to deliver her vaginally she was breech so it just wasn't an option. So I had an emergency c-section because I was dilating really fast and labor couldn't be stopped.

    Oh and DD was 2 lb 2 oz. 

    Born at 26 weeks 2 days gestation, 2 pounds 2 ounces due to IC/PTL,
    and after 82 days in the NICU, our little girl is home!
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  • DD was exactly 2 lbs.  i delivered her by c-section since I had HELLP/pre-e and wasn't any where near going into labor.
  • My son was 2lb 8oz (1140 grams).  I don't think that's in the very smallest category of micropreemies, but he was obviously pretty small.  He was born vaginally without any pain medicine (not that the pain medicine part matters, I guess).  They DID tell me that I had to get him out quickly, and he was out in about 4 pushes.  I also had an episiotomy to speed delivery.  He was head down (had been for several weeks), so I think that factored in the decision.  I dilated from 4cm to 10cm in about 30 minutes, so I think that also was a factor.

    My son had a grade 1 brain bleed that self-resolved.  While I was freaking out about that news, my dad did some research on it.  Apparently, a large percentage of term babies (can't remember the number - 25%?) have grade 1 bleeds, too.  It's just that no one tests for them. 

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  • I had 27 weekers at 1 lb 8 oz and 2 lb 3 oz. They did not give me the option of vaginal birth. Due Ella being in such bad shape, they said it would be less traumatic for her so we did a c-section.  They also said that with twins with TTTS, it get worse during a vaginal delivery process and cause more damage from lack of fluid.
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  • My DD was also emergency c-section. She was breech and the amniotic sac had descended without her so there was no protection for her at all. She was all black and blue even with the c-section, I can't imagine what a vaginal birth would have been like for her. She was 2 lbs 10 oz.
  • I had a c-section w/ my 1lb 2 oz 27 weeker. Because her IUGR was so extreme she had already been in a distressed situation for so long they were sure she wouldn't survive an induction for a vaginal birth.  In the end I didn't care how they got her out as long as it was best for her.
    Gave birth to the biggest micracle in the smallest package at 27 weeks 0 days when Avery Ruth made her debut on 9/30/2011 weighing in at 1 lb 2 ounces.

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  • My girls came at 32w5d and were 3pds 15ounces and 3pds 14 ounces. I had to do a c section since I was before 34 weeks...this was said by my doctor due to risk factors.

    *Our Miracle Twins thanks to IVF are here!*
    Kendall Rose & Brynn Marie
    Born at 32 weeks 5 days
    December 22nd, 2011


  • C-section for a number of reasons.  My cervix was long and closed, they were both transverse, and given the situation, labor was way too dangerous for them (they had TTTS and reverse end diastolic flow in Owen's cord).  I remember asking the OB on rounds if there was any possibility of a vaginal delivery.  Her response was "only if they just fall out of you".
  • Thank you for so many amazing stories, and another chance to look at everyone's beautiful miracles!  My hunch was pretty much that very few of us even had the option of a vaginal birth, and it sounds like lots of factors, not just baby size/gestation were the issues that lead to c-sections. 
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  • C-section.  Inducing wasn't even an option because she was breech.  In the end, I was kind of glad that they did the c/s because she didn't have any IVHs, and the neos credit my c/s for that.

    ETA: she was 2 lbs even at 29w2d.

  • My 26 weekers were 1 lb 10 ozs and 1 lb 14 ozs at birth. My OB said originally that if I was dialated he'd let me push, but I wasn't and DD's heartrate wasn't stable so I was prepped and delivered via c-section.
    Mom to preemie b/g twins born 14 weeks early after 3 years of IF, 8 clomid cycles and 1 IVF. Lilypie Premature Baby tickers
  • since I was 22 w my body and baby werent ready at all for birth - we did an emergency transverse C-section (old school style - my internal incision is vertical because my uterus was so high up in my body still)  - I wasnt given the option of vaginal delivery - they determined at 1lb 4 oz and her GA she wouldnt survive the delivery. she did have bilateral grade II bleeds but they resolved.
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  • Scarlette was 25 weeks, 1lb 8oz and breech. I remember the dr. telling me she could feel her feet when they checked me and that they had to do an emergency c-section because otherwise her size/position meant it's hard to remember this- they told me that if I delivered her vaginally her neck would most likely break because she was so fragile.

    That was the worst, I didn't WANT to be giving birth but then I was like "get her out now before I kill her giving birth to her!" No wonder so many of us get PTSD.

    I had been in the hospital trying to stop labor for four days and was dilated to an 8 or 9 when they did the emergency c-section. I was at a 6 when they ordered it so she was coming pretty fast.

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  • I had to have a c/s due to previous medical issues.  But the MFM didn't thing Baby B (IUGR) would have been able to handle a vaginal birth.
  • They really wanted to try for a vaginal birth, which frankly surprised me.  So when I got to the hospital I had a pitocin challenge to see if she could handle the contractions.  They got their answer with the first contraction when her heart rate went from 160 to 50 bpm!!!  So off we went for a c section.  Annie had sever IUGR and was 2lbs 12 oz at 34 weeks
  • I had a c-section. My twins were 2 lb 4 ounces (DD) and 2 lb 1 ounce (DS). My DD's foot started coming out (she was literally kicking her way out Big Smile )so they rushed me into the OR and did an emergency c-section.

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    My preemies Avery Grace & Ethan Michael were born at 27wk5d at 2 lb 4 oz and 2 lb 2 oz respectively. Avery spent 70 days in the NICU. Ethan spent 250 days in the hospital and underwent several surgeries before finally coming home!

  • My DD was born vaginally and it was a medicated birth, but she was a bigger baby (4lbs at 33weeks).



  • I had a c-section because DD was breech. I had to have a "classical" c-section, meaning they cut my uterus vertically. So, I can never have a vaginal delivery and I can never go into labor if I have another baby. :(
    Hospitalized at 28 weeks due to severe pre-eclampsia. Reagan Michelle was born on 4/24 at 29 weeks, 1 day gestation 2 pounds, 11 ounces 15 inches long.

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  • image lwmooney87:
    I had a c-section because DD was breech. I had to have a "classical" c-section, meaning they cut my uterus vertically. So, I can never have a vaginal delivery and I can never go into labor if I have another baby. :(
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  • The bump is spazzing - I was trying to quote you lwmooney about no VBAC or no term pregnancy.  It took me a while to get used to the idea that was how it will be. I was also told I had to wait at least two years between this pregnancy and the next. Were you told the same thing? My ob/gyn also cant tell me how long I'll carry on the next one. I guess it all depends on my body. It has been hard to make a decision about it - I dont know if "early" means 36 weeks or 26 weeks! we all know there is a big difference between the two. I always wanted a lot of kids. Because of this we might stop at two. I want to try one more time, if its an almost term healthy baby I might try for a third but if there are any complications whatsoever the next will be my last.
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  • My babies were born at 24w1d, Audrey was 1lb 5oz and Grayson was 1lb 8oz. They were born vaginally and unmedicated. I was already fully dialated (and had been for about 5 days), Baby A had a leaky bag, and once the Indocin wore off my contractions came on hard and fast. Because of my dialation/contractions they didn't think I would make it to get an epidural or a spinal before baby A (Audrey) was delivered. An u/s showed that A was head down but once I started pushing she flipped and was delivered butt-first. Grayson did the same thing. Both babies came through fine though and niether one had any bleeds (not even a Grade 1)! We were extremely blessed.
  • My LO's were fairly good size for their gestation (4lb 11oz & 4lb 3oz at 33w6d), but I had a c/s. Baby A (DS) was head down and my OB was pushing for a vaginal delivery, Baby B (DD) was breech. My doc was comfortable with a breech extraction. I just had a gut feeling I needed the c/s and was pretty adamant about it. Turns out DS's cord was wrapped around his neck twice. My OB commented to me while I was in recovery that it was my mother's intuition kicking in and she's glad I was so adamant about the c/s. A vaginal delivery would have been very traumatic for both babies and I probably would have ended up with and emergency c/s regardless.
    TTC 18 months | dx stage IV endo | got lucky with IVF #1 | b/g twins

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  • I had a placental abruption due to Pre-E.  I went to the hospital by ambulance at 29wks 4 days due to heavy bleeding and very high BP.  They delivered my baby by c-section 12 minutes after we arrived at the hospital.  I had a vertical incision b/c they said that was the fastest way to get him out.  They knocked me out for the whole thing.  He weighed 2lbs 3ozs.
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