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Implantation Cramps?

Hey ladies, Im wondering if anyone has had these symptoms...The day of my last period was 1/3/2012...I had unprotected sex on 1/13/2012 (which is the first day i would be fertile) I am 6dpo. I started to feel slight twinge/pinching on both sides of my lower stomach (by my ovaries) & kind of around my bellybutton. the pain moves around..i have been feeling this for 2 days so far. no other symptoms of pregnancy. I felt something similar to this once before back in september, nothing ever came of it. Im wondering if i could be pregnant this time???

Re: Implantation Cramps?

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  • You're 6dpo, today? Then no, it's unlikely right now. Implantation doesn't occur until 7-10dpo 

    If you aren't charting your temps you might not be 6dpo and it could be O cramping or pre-menstrual cramping. No way to know. Good luck to you though.

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  • I was convinced I had implantation cramps last cycle. But no luck! must have been gas or just some random cramping. FX it is though
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  • Implantation symptoms are something that can only be realized in hindsight, after a positive HPT. If you aren't charting your temps, there is no way to know how many DPO you are. If you really are 6 DPO, there is really nothing you can do, but speculate until you can get an accurate result on a HPT which will be when your period is late.




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  • If you are having sharp pains in your lower abdomin and around your belly button you should make sure its not your apendix.
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  • Could be ovulation pain, PMS cramps or gas. 


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