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Lack of symptoms

Hello ladies. I'm 7 weeks and week 5 and 6 I had sore breasts, no appetite, I was sleeping really good and a little nausea but no MS. Now in week 7 I have a great appetite, no sore breasts, having trouble sleeping and no nausea. I am by no means complaining about my lack of symptoms, but is it normal for them to change so much from week to week? I assumed as the weeks went on my symptoms would get worse. Like every woman I'm super paranoid about having a miscarriage.




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Re: Lack of symptoms

  • I am the same way right now, last week I noticed that my breast tenderness wasn't so bad. It's kind of the same this week. I haven't had any m/s at all, so I keep freaking out about that. 

     I keep worrying about a m/c also. I go tomorrow for another u/s. Hopefully everything is fine and healthy! 

  • Don't worry, I've been just like you during this pregnancy. And I keep wondering if I'm where I should be and if the baby is growing okay. But my hubby tells me to not stress about it. Just be grateful we don't have morning sickness! Stay optimistic and healthy, I'm sure all will be fine! Good luck! ;)
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  • I'm virtually symptom free as well. I'm extremely tired and hungry, but my breasts don't hurt and I haven't had any cravings or morning sickness... It does kind of worry me, cause I don't really "feel" pregnant, but I have an u/s on Thursday so hopefully that will alleviate some of my anxiety...

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  • I feel the same exact way, I'll go a few days with MS then feel really good the next few days. It REALLY worries me. I already saw our little ones heartbeat but I am still always paranoid and over analyze everything!
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