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Does your family do this?

I believe Wee's family does things like this too.

My Pop-pop is 92, he had a pacemaker put in this morning because his heart rate was 36.

No one told me, or my mom. 

Last year my aunt was dx with a terrible gi issue, and lost a ton of weight, and no one told us what was going on until I was finally like "WTF is going on with you?".

Seriously people, not only am I a grown up, but I'm a nurse, you can tell me things.


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Re: Does your family do this?

  • My mom's side of the family is really bad about this. Last time my grandpa had heart surgery, we didn't know anything about it until Grandma called the next day to let us know he was okay. 
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  • Yup.  If you aren't there when the news comes in, you don't know about it.  Like hearing your cousin had a baby, before you knew she was even pregnant.
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  • My family is the exact opposite. If my grandparent was having major surgery all 5 kids and their spouses would be sitting in the waiting room while the grandkids would be in the cafeteria waiting on info.  When my mom had cancer there was 24 of us at the hospital during her hystericotomy. It drives me nuts. At least we have the decency to take shifts in the room visiting and we spend a great deal of the time in the cafeteria and not hogging the waiting room.
  • Yes. Even my mom hides things from me because she doesn't want to "worry us". Drives me batshitcrazy
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  • image buckin:
    Yes. Even my mom hides things from me because she doesn't want to "worry us". Drives me batshitcrazy

    My mom did the same thing when my dad was dx with prostate cancer and other things. It bugs the shiiit out of me.

  • All the time.  DH's family is the worst with it. 
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  • My mom tells me nothing and almost always find out after it happened. She also never tells my dad anything. It's so ridiculous that my dad had no idea about me having surgery until the day I was getting it done. 
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  • Clearly yOu know my mother. She was feeling like hell for a week until I basically kidnapped her to the er. Yea her sugar was 462. Then she told me me decided she didn't need her diabetes pills and had stopped taking them like a year ago. I wanted to strangle her.
  • Um yeah, my mom almost died while having back surgery and no one told me.  I was in Kansas, they were in California.  They finally told me a few days later.  When I asked why my dad said, "You're busy in grad school, we didn't want to worry you."  


    Not as serious but in college they had to put our dog down.  She was put down on a Tuesday and I didn't find out until I came home that weekend to do laundry.  And even then I had to ask where Taffy was, no one volunteered the info.  

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  • Yeah, my dad had a freaking heart attack and quadruple bypass surgery and no one told me or my sister until he was out of the hospital.  We didn't live nearby, but are you serious?!

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  • My mom used to try ad wait for "the right time" to tell me things. It made everything that much more dramatic and drove me nuts. I finally told her I was an adult and to just spit it out when she finds out. Other then that, my family communicates really well.
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  • My family is like that. My mom's sister had an increasingly worsening case of familial tremors (apparently it is possible to have a severe case-I didn't know until I googled it), and she is practically disabled. We didn't know for years. We also just found out a few months ago that she has breast cancer and has been doing radiation & chemo. Her email about that? "Make sure you get your yearly exams. I have breast cancer." That's it. 

     DH's family is bad about communication across the board. Heath issues, family problems, achievements, everything. 

    ETA: I have to pry info out of my mom. She recently fell and hit her head bad enough to knock herself out, but didn't tell me for 2 days so I wouldn't worry. She lives 2.5 hrs away, so I can't check on her regularly. 

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  • My family is the total opposite. It's almost to the point of oversharing.
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  • My family lets me know things like this asap as I live 20 hrs away and they don't want me to hear about things from any one else. (DH and my side)
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  • Yup, my Gram does this to me All.The.Time. 


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