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fundal height measurements

Since the doctor started measuring at around 24 weeks, I have been measuring about 2 cm larger than the number of weeks that I am. So today I measured 37cm and I am 33 weeks so the doctor is sending me for a growth ultrasound. She says the baby is probably right on track but she just wants to make sure. Did this happen to any of you? Anyone end up delivering early because the baby measured big? I was charting and I'm very sure of my dates so I know I'm 33 weeks.

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Re: fundal height measurements

  • The growth ultrasounds can be off- it's not generally a reason for concern unless you're having other issues. DS was guessed to weigh 8 lbs. at 38 weeks and they induced me 2 days later for high blood pressure. He was born at 38w2d weighing 9lbs 10 oz.

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  • I consistently measured 5-6 weeks ahead (fundal height) my last pregnancy, and it is happening again this time.  She came early but was still full term and a normal weight.  It turns out, I just have babies with really long legs!
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  • I can't really answer your question since I'm only 28 weeks and a FTM, but when I was measured at 26 weeks, I was measuring a week ahead, and at my ultrasound last week, they said he was measuring right on, but on the higher end of how much he should weigh.
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  • I've actually had the opposite situation- fundal height measurements are right on track, but they're telling me baby is measuring big (4 lbs 1 oz at 29w)...

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  • I measured 5 weeks ahead with DS and did have a couple growth u/s's to see what was going on.  I had a little extra fluid with him, but not too much.  He was born 2 days early and was just under 8 lbs.  I measured 2 weeks ahead with DD (and am measuring 2 weeks ahead with this one). DD was born via c/s at 39w1d and was 7 1/5 pounds, so not a big one either.  I'm not expecting this one to be big either, but I bet they'll still give me a growth u/s at the end again just to be sure. 
    DS1 age 7, DD age 5 and DS2 born 4/3/12
  • My sister measured 41 weeks at her 37 week appointment. Even after her growth u/s she was measuring over 8lbs. 

    My niece was born 2 weeks later, and weighed 7lb 4oz... 

  • I was measuring 40 weeks at 35 week appointment.  I'm measuring 42+ wks now.  I had a growth u/s @ 37 wks.that estimated baby to be 8 lbs 14 oz, with a 2 lb margin of error, because u/s in the third tri are notoriously inaccurate my MW said his predicted size and my fundal height are no reason  to induce or for concern.  My family has big babies.  My husband was a big baby.  I don't have gd, so my body won't make a baby too big for me to birth.  Also I had alot of fluid too.

  • I've been measuring 2-3 weeks ahead the whole time.  My doctor thinks it's because I've had twins and this little one just has more room to roll around and move.  I think 5 weeks or more would be a little shocking to hear, but if you are sure on your dates and you've been measuring approx right on the whole time, your LO might have just gone through a growth spurt quickly.  Good luck and hope all is great!  I'm sure of my dates and she has only measured a week ahead at our first ultrasound.

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  • My fundal height has been measuring four weeks ahead, too. I had my growth ultrasound two weeks ago, and baby was measuring in the 64th percentile. Big, but not huge. Like you, I was charting, so I know exactly when I ovulated. Some babies are just bigger than others, and that's not necessarily a cause for concern. DH and I were both slightly bigger than average as newborns, (he was 8lb12oz, I was 8lb 7oz), so our baby is probably just going to be close to the sizes that we were. As long as the doctor doesn't have legitimate reason to think that the baby will be either over 11 pounds or too big for your pelvic opening, it shouldn't really be a problem. (11 pounds is the weight at which the ACOG recommends considering a c-section.) Even though my baby was measuring a bit big at the growth ultrasound, my OB says she thinks the baby will be under 9 pounds.
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  • With DD I was measuring large and they ended up doing an ultrasound. My fluid levels were really high. They just monitored me a bit more. DD was born at 41 weeks, weighing 8lbs 30z and was perfectly healthy.

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