2nd Trimester

Heat rash?

I have no idea what I'm dealing with and that's after calling whatever I have on my legs a heat rash and have tried a blue million things. I thought it was just chaffing from a pair of dress pants and then the red patch didn't go away. I know I have some dry skin and I'm using body butter and keeping it moisturized but I noticed today that it has tiny little bumps on those patches and it's itching so bad I can hardly stop scratching. It's just in those 2 spots (it's from about 4 inch below and above my knee) and I'm going to call my doc in the morning to get her opinion on it but it only seems to flare when I sleep and my legs touch each other. It's so miserable! I've tried caldescene powders, natural body butter ( say yes to carrots), and cerave. It's on to the big guns now, something to just make it stop or calm down just a little.

Re: Heat rash?

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