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I haven't gotten the nesting bug. It's actually the opposite and I could care less about finishing things. It's like everything takes longer and annoys me. 
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Re: Anti-nesting

  • My nesting came in waves.  Around 34-35 weeks, I was all gung-ho to get stuff done.  Then around 36-37 weeks, I was a lump - just didn't want to do anything; feeling kind of sore and tired.  My house was getting messier by the day.  Then in the last couple of days, I have started getting my nesting motivation back.  I think I just realized I was running out of time and better get moving!  I still kind of do this one day on, one day off kind of thing so that I don't wear myself out or get too sore or tired.  I definitely feel it at the end of the day if I have been doing stuff.
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  • Yea I just look at what I need to do and then don't do it. ha! I swear if I could pay someone to do this stuff I totally would :)
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  • I haven't had any urge either. I would be anxious to wash and put away all of the things we received at his showers, but other than that, I'm so tired all the time.
  • I have gotten zero urge to nest. I have been laying on the couch all weekend like a lump of coal.

    In a bizarre twist of fate, my DH HAS gotten the nesting bug and was running around all weekend cleaning and organizing and finishing projects around the house like a mad man while my DD and I snuggled and layed around.

    I am digging it!

  • I have only done little things here and there.  DH and I both work far from home and dont feel like doing anything when we get home, so our house has been messy.  I will start my leave next week, and when I am at home I like to be home in a clean house.  Plus I will need something other than watching TV to keep me from going stir crazy.
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