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very very confused - after a month baby waking up earlier in the am

MY LO is 14 weeks old  

For the last month my LO has been STTN and waking up between 6:30-7:30. I hear him aroun 6ish but dont get him right away and usually just sticks his thumb in his mouth and goes back to sleep till 7:30. This has been conistent since before xmas.

 Well yesterday morning he was wide awake at 430.. torture I didnt get him bc he was just wining no crying. Finally after almost 45 minutes I went in and got him back to sleep but only till 630ish. This morning he was up at 5:50 and same thing didnt go back to sleep. SO we fed at around 7 then he passed out for a 45 minute cat nap and up at 8. WWYD.. Hes not crying its just a wine and moan then afterwhile it turns into a cry... Do I feed right when he wakes up and start the day? Do I wait till 7? He eats around every four hours so our feeding schedule has been - 7:30, 11:30-12:00, 3:30-4, then bedtime bottle around 7:30-8

The question is naps. I would always put him down between 9-930 when he was waking at 7:30. If hes up at 6 do i put down for a nap 8? I know I am rambling but I am going back to work in two weeks also and we had it all figured out when he was waking up at 7 and entertaining himself. I would get up at 6 get myself ready then get him ready. His morning nap is also his best nap and yesterday his naps were complely off because of the 430am wake. He was so overtired and gave him a hard time going to bed for the first time in awhile

I really dont know what my question is I guess i always thought his internal clock was 7 am even when he was only a month he was up at 7 and I felt that 9-10 morning naptime was great. Do I just be patient and see what happens. Do I go in right away at 6 feed then put back down? 



Re: very very confused - after a month baby waking up earlier in the am

  • We've never really put LO on a nap "schedule", so I'm not sure I can help you there.  She just kind of fell into a routine where she's up for about an hour and a half, then naps for a bit.

     But as far as the waking, we did go through a patch after about 6 weeks of STTN where she woke up at 3:30 or 4:30am. I would walk in the nursery, leave the light off, pick her up without saying anything (other than a couple soothing "ssh" sounds), change the diaper and rock her back to sleep.  It only lasted a few days, then she went back to sleeping through, but started waking up about an hour earlier (used to wake up at 9:30, now wakes up about 8:15 or 8:30).  She's been pretty consistent with that for the last couple weeks now.

  • Oh head is spinning with all of the   I always just took it day by day, minute by minute with DS1. If I went into his room b/c he was up at 4 and he seemed hungry, I would feed him.  When he was tired, he would nap.  Eventually he got himself into a routine that we followed with the knowledge that the routine could change anyday. If I were you, I'd relax a little and just feed off his signals. Good luck!

    ETA: Our pedi did say that at 6 months, if DS was waking to rub his back, shoosh him,. etc., but to not pick him up. Maybe try this?

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  • It could be the 4 month wakeful...a few weeks ago dd started being really hard to get back to sleep when she woke in the early morning, whether it's at 4 AM or 6 AM (the latest she now sleeps...she used to sleep till 7).  I've just been going in right away to feed her (unless she was up and ate during the night), and then if it's before 6, try really hard to rock her back to sleep.  If it's after 6, I just let her be up for the day, and she does take her first nap at 8.
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