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Any Maryland ladies?

DH and I are considering a move to the Frederick area for his job. I know nothing about the area and have only lived on the west coast. Is it nice? How's the weather? Is it expensive to live there?
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Re: Any Maryland ladies?

  • Hi there!  I'm in Southern Maryland - about an hour and a half from Frederick.  The area's decent...  I haven't been in Frederick myself, but I hear it's got some cute areas with great character.  We're planning to take a day trip there soon. 

    The weather has been freakish this winter (next week we are supposed to be upper 50s one day, then upper 30s the next), but normally pretty manageable.  Cold with a few days of snow in the winter, warm with a few hot and humid days in the summer.

    Cost of living is higher the closer you are to DC. Staying in Frederick will keep it pretty manageable. Depending on where on the west coast you are, it may not be too different.  When we were in NoVA a couple years ago, we found the housing prices fairly comparable to suburban L.A., where we lived before.

  • We are about 30 minutes from Frederick.  THe cost of living can be higher in Frederick due to it's proximity to both DC and Baltimore (about an hour, of course depending on traffic).  Housing prices depend a lot on where exactly you live-the city of Frederick is very cute-lots of yummy restaurants (on of the Top Chef old contestants has a restaurant there), and cute shops.  I would definitely look into where exactly you would want to live in Frederick-or if you want to be in some of the areas around it.  For every $250,000 home on the market there is another for $750,000-so it really depends on where you want to be!  We have people that live in Westminster and travel to Frederick for work because it's less expensive up here-but things aren't as cheap as what I would expect, especially given today's economy. 

    Schools are good-of course depending on where you live because of which elementary school etc you are zoned for.  

    If you have any more questions, please feel free to PM me!

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  • Frederick is nice, fairly inexpensive compared to the closer in DC suburbs.   We love the minor league baseball team, the Keys.  

    Check for information on the school system and individual schools.  It it is a pretty good starting point.

    The downtown area of Frederick is very cute.  

    We get our milk delivered from a dairy that is 20 ish minutes from Frederick, South Mountain Creamery.  You can go watch the cows being milked every afternoon, and help feed the baby cows.  My son loves this place, I love everything but the overwhelming smell that comes home with us!

     ETA:  The weather is pretty typical.  Hot and muggy in the summer and cold in the winter.  More mountainous than where I am, so typically more snow.  

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