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Where are you planning to register?

We're coming up on that point where it's time to register. 

All the baby places have their pros and cons. If you are registering and have decided, what did you choose?

If you are a 2nd time around mom, where did you register with your first? Any great or terrible experiences to share?


Re: Where are you planning to register?

  • I've already started my Amazon registry and it has been really easy/convenient so far. I really like reading the customer product reviews, so Amazon was a no brainer for me.

    For people who want to shop in store, I'm debating between Buy, Buy, Baby and Giggle. I'm not in love with BBB, but Giggle has fewer stores and I know that will probably bug some of my relatives. But Giggle has more of the stuff I like... so it's probably going to win.

  • I registered at Babies R' Us and Target for both this baby and my DD. Both stores offer a completion coupon about a month before the baby is due which is nice.
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  • I'm planning on using Babies R' Us and Target. Given our family is scattered across the country, and there isn't any other baby stores in the area such as Buy Buy Baby for our local friends to shop at except for pricey boutiques, it just makes the most sense. 
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  • I plan on using Target and a great local baby store called "Along Comes Baby" we don't have a Babies R Us near us or that's where I would go.
  • BBB and Pottery Barn
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  • For Nathaniel. we registered at BRU.  I didn't know where else to go then.  It was ok, but a lot of the stuff was much cheaper elsewhere. 

    This time around I am registering at Target.

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  • I'd go with Babies R Us and maybe Buy Buy Baby.
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  • BRU and Target are the only options remotely near me...so I will do those...and also Amazon.com, which has way more of the things I want on it.

  • I've got most of the items on the amazon registry but did move a few items to BRU for those who want to shop locally.  I also have a few cloth diaper stores online linked to the amazon registry.
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  • amazon has the bulk of the stuff i want, because i could research and read reviews. once we find out the gender, we're going to BRU to start one; that's the only baby store we have around here. i hate that they don't have a lot of my big stuff in the stores (we want a Britax carseat and stroller), but i think a lot of my friends/family prefer to buy something in a store rather than online..
  • Buy Buy Baby -  most stuff.  They take Bed Bath and Beyond coupons so people love that.

    Babies R Us-  some stuff that was in Baby Bargains was not sold at BBB, so we had to register for big stuff here, like the cribs and dresser.  Oh, and the carseats I liked.  Big ticket items.

    Pottery Barn Kids-  we chose the bedding theme from here.  Only about 5 or 6 things on this registry. 



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  • image hijoi:

    For Nathaniel. we registered at BRU.  I didn't know where else to go then.  It was ok, but a lot of the stuff was much cheaper elsewhere. 

    This time around I am registering at Target.

    I hate that stuff is more at BRU but my only truly local options are BRU and Target. I'm going to register at both and only double register for consumable things since I hear both have PITA return policies. Word on the street is that Target DID at least listen and allows for the registry to function as a gift receipt for a short period of time. We'll see.

    Lots of the big stuff isn't available for either but I know I need lots of stuff in the under $50 category so DH and I will get the big stuff ourselves.

  • We're registering at BRU and Amazon. BRU is the only baby store that is local to us and our families. I hate Target's return policy so I'm avoiding registering there at all costs.
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  • Amazon and BRU. Target has a horrible return policy, as in you'll get stuck with gifts not on ur registry and they didn't give u a gift receipt! And that happens a lot!!
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  • We have decided on Buybuybaby and Target.  Buybuybaby accepts Bed Bath and Beyond coupons and has a great selection. I know that it is not in every state yet which is why we will also register for some stuff at target.  Target  has pretty reasonable shipping as well.

  • We're doing BRU and Amazon baby registry.  I really wanted to do BBB as well b/c I love the store but the closest one is 30 min. away and there isn't a store (yet) near my family in St. Louis.
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