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Why am I in denial..

I'm 9wks and 2 days pregnant but I still dont believe I'm pregnant, I had two test done on me but its just hard to believe. Everyone said I have all the symptoms in of course the doctor nor clinic will lie but it just doesn't seem real. I'm ready to go to my first checkup to actually see for myself, should I also buy a pregnancy test to see or just wait till i go to my OBGYN.

Re: Why am I in denial..

  • it is perfectly normal to be in denial until you accually see the ultrasounds, feel the baby move, or hear the heart beat. I didnt believe it with my first. Just relax stress is never good while pregnate.


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  • I am 12 weeks and am starting to finally think of myself as pregnant.  I thought at first it was because just DH & I knew.  We saw the baby 2 days before Christmas, told family on Christmas and then I went FB public on NY's day.  I still felt like I was pretending-- like it wasn't real.

    For me, I think it is because I can't tell my Mom.  She passed 1 1/2 years ago.  (Baby is due a week before the anniversary date).

     It is not unusual to not really feel it till you see the baby.  Just relax-- it will come.

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  • I am so glad to read this.. i have been feeling this exact way!
  • This is my second pregnancy. I changed OB's for this one, and was surprised that they had me come in at 5 1/2 weeks along! Usually most OB's make you wait until 9/10 weeks. And even though I've gotten to see two ultrasounds in the last few weeks, I'm still in denial. I'm anxious for my 12 week apt this week, in which I will get to hear the heart beat finally. the first trimester is always hard for it to feel real. Just hang in there! good luck!
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