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Hemriods: maybe TMI

I have a massive hemroid that constantly sticks out, not just when i am on the toilet. My dr. Appointment is tomorrow. Will she suggest to lance it or what can be done? It only seems to be getting bigger. Scared how big it might be in 2 months time :(

Re: Hemriods: maybe TMI

  • I think it's just a wait for it to go away situation.
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  • I asked my doctor about the one I have. She said she wouldn't do anything right now as it will just end up getting worse or coming back during delivery. She did mention if it becomes painful she would reccommend some creams to ease it. She said, most hemoroids you get while pregnant do decrease in size and agitation after the baby is born because there isn't as much pressure down in that area. She basically said it is like a vericrose vein in your butt. Hope you can get some relief soon! 

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  • I got one that popped out when I was late in pregnancy with DS.  It is still there, but much smaller.  They don't go away, but unless they really cause issues, they are better to be left alone. 
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  • I have 2 now too. Fortunately, they don't cause too much pain so I guess I'm stuck with 'em until this is over!


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  • Tucks, Prep H, and CryoSTAT. CryoSTATs are insanely awesome. I call them butt popsicles, and they're a dream come true when the 'roids are flaring bad.
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  • Your doc may prescribe some suppositories that work really really well.  That combined with witch hazel pads and Preparation H has worked wonders to make the swelling go down.  Definitely mention it to your doctor and they can help you out. 
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  • Knock on wood, mine have gone down but are still there.  But a few weeks ago, they were so bad that I was curled up crying.

    Anyways, I swear by the Tucks pads and the Sitz bath.

    Hope yours go down, they are evil evil little things... 

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