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C is for Constipation!

Anyone else having constipation issues?  I'm not even 5 weeks along and it's an issue.  The only time in my life that I've had a problem with this was after I had knee surgery because I was taking oxycodone, and then I was able to take a laxative.

I'm assuming laxatives are a no-no now.  

What have you done for constipation relief? 

8 months of this is going to drive me nuts! 

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Re: C is for Constipation!

  • Does your prenatal contain iron?  Is so, you may want to switch to one that doesn't.  Although I haven't had a problem, my OB did tell me to take Metamucil if I did have a problem. 
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  • Yep.  I've been dealing with it since BFP off and on.  Water and fiber have really helped.
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  • I took Colace from the 3rd tri to PP with DD.

    A cup of coffee every morning keeps me regular and I opt for high fiber foods.

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  • I already drink a ton of water every day, but I could definitely add more fruit into my diet.  And benefiber is a great idea too.  I'll try those and check on the iron in my prenatal vitamin.  If that doesn't work then I'll have to try a laxative.  Thanks so much!  You guys are great!
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  • I have a small cup of coffee every morning, at least one piece of fruit and a bowl of raisin bran every day and it has kept me regular.  
  • Since I started taking Zofran about a week and a half ago, I've been very constipated.  After no BM for 6 or 7 days, I called a nurse yesterday.  She told me....

    • Immediate relief (in one day): milk of magnesia
    • Relief after that: stool softener, warm bath
    • All the time: lots of liquids, prune juice (I mix it with grape juice), lots of high fiber foods esp. fruits and veggies
    I also put Benefiber in my morning tea, but I usually never get to finish my tea in the morning before work gets hectic....so I don't think it's done anything :(
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  • I feel for ya! I was in the same boat and can be miserable to the point of feeling yucky and pucky. I was told to drink prune juice and incrrease fluids. This has helped immensely.
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  • I have IBS which has been made worse by pregnancy. The difference between IBS and regular old constipation is that instead of having hard or difficult to pass stools, people with IBS describe that their bowels just don't seem to work. I go days without ever having ANY urge to go and everything just sort of sits in there and builds up. When I do finally get the urge, it's not hard or difficult to go and I usually go a lot. My doctor, before pregnancy, told me to avoid dairy (especially cheese), refined carbs (including sugar) and caffeine. He also told me to make sure I was taking probiotics and getting plenty of water. Dairy was the big one for me, and now that I am craving it, it's making things worse for me. I take a prenatal from Vitamin Code that contains probiotics and raw iron from food sources (which is more easily absorbed and used more efficiently by the body). I also take a magnesium supplement and that helps keep things soft. All stimulant laxatives are a no-no. Hope this helps ;-)
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