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Pregnant after IUI

HI everyone!  I'm new here.  I had our first IUI on Jan 6th, had to wait two exruciating weeks, and got the call yesterday from the doctor's office that it worked!!  I'll be four weeks pregnant tomorrow!  I am still in shock, especially since we've been trying for over a year!  And I was diagnosed with ovarian decline, which basically means I was born with a lot less eggs than most woman.  Can't believe it worked on the first shot!!!

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  • hi my name is mazena im 4weeks prego to with my 5th child i would like to say congratulations and wish you the best on your journey to motherhood.                                         all the best :-)
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  • You are very very lucky! We have been trying for three years. The last year and a half with the IUI. We got pregnant with the first IUI but had a miscarrage at the end of week four. We just got the good news the the last round of IUI worked!! I have PCOS.
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  • Congratuations!  We had our first IUI on Jan.13 and i just found out on Friday that we got a BFP!  We had been trying for a year, when I was diagnosed last June with PCOS we started seeing a fertility specialist.  So excited that it worked the first time!


  • I got pregnant last September after my first IUI, but then miscarried in week 5. We have been taking a break after all of that, but are ready to start again. I'm starting clomid tonight and will do that IUI again this month. I'm nervous, but very excited. Any words of encouragement??? I also have PCOS. My husband is completely fine. I take Metformin and it has helped me to ovulate, but it's been all over the place since the miscarriage :(
  • Congratulations!!!  I've done 3 IVF cycles and just tested POSITIVE on my home pregnancy test from our last cycle.  I have my blood test on Friday and another on Tuesday.  I'm also very nervous, but very excited too.  :)
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  • image marlener25:
    HI everyone!  I'm new here.  I had our first IUI on Jan 6th, had to wait two exruciating weeks, and got the call yesterday from the doctor's office that it worked!!  I'll be four weeks pregnant tomorrow!  I am still in shock, especially since we've been trying for over a year!  And I was diagnosed with ovarian decline, which basically means I was born with a lot less eggs than most woman.  Can't believe it worked on the first shot!!!

    Congratulations! I love reading these success stories! I just had my first IUI on Jan 27th and am waiting patiently.  :) 

  • Congrats! You must be so excited and relieved. I am in the middle of those 2 excruciating weeks so the relief must be so huge. Keep us updated!
  • Congratulations! We are on to our 5th IUI in the past year. I hope that this one gives us a BFP! We have been ttc baby #3 for almost 3 years now. Our dx is unexplained. Let's hope this is our month :) Congratulations to those of you with BFP's Big Smile
  • Hi!!! Congrats and best wishes to you!!! I just had my first IUI today and am now beginning the dreaded tww!! Baby dust to all ;)
  • had my first iui on may 15th in the process of the wait to see if it worked fingers cross... i have been having a hard time with all the whole thing we have tried for a year and 3 months of just clomid and this month was clomid and iui.... baby dust to everyone!!
  • Hi...I was just diagnosed with PCOS a month ago. Right now I am on metformin and the doctor wants to see if I ovulate on my own. If I don't then we are going to go the IUI route. If you don't mind me asking, how many IUI's did you guys do?
    Me 32/DH 38
    TTC since 05/2011
    HSG 07/2011 right tube blocked
    Clomid 50mg 3/2012 - no response
    Clomid 50mg 4/2012 - no response
    Met with RE 6/2012
    PCOS/IR diagnosed 6/2012
    Femura 5mg  9/2012 - no response
    Laparoscopy 12/2012 close off right tube
    Clomid 150mg 3/2013 - no response
    1st Follistim Cycle 7/16/2013 -  CD3-6 125iu; CD7-8 150iu; CD9-15 175iu; Trigger 8/1; IUI scheduled for 8/3/2013...BFN AF arrived 8-16-2013
    8/2013 cycle benched for cyst
  • Found out today that our 3rd try worked!! This time with hormones! Congratulations. 
  •   Hi Ladies,

    I'm new on here. We had our first IUI yesterday.  This thread was very inspirational to read as many of these have so many failed IUI attempts. I'm trying to surround myself with positive vibes these days. We have been trying for 14 months, and had an m/c in Feb. After seeing a specialist we discovered that I have low egg reserve due to early menopause which runs in my family. I'm 35 and my clock is literally ticking it's last tick. To top it off my DH has low motility but a high count. So we decided to try IUI before IVF. My Dr decided to try our first round without drugs and the procedure went really smooth. I insisted on laying on the table for 5 minutes after and he assured me they would not fall out. I had some mild cramping and I'm starting progesterone on Fri. I guess at this point it is just a waiting game. Does anyone know how long you should wait to have intercourse after IUI?

  • My paper told me to do it that night. And return to regular actitive the next day. I just did my IUI this past sat. Its hard for me to wait 2 weeks to take my preg test.


  • Hi Marlener25, congratulations!!!
    TTC since October 2011. No luck yet :( But am learning lots and happy to share stuff we learn. Trying to Conceive Ticker
  • Hi! I have been trying to get pregnant for about the same amount of time as you. I am doing my first IUI next week. How did your first one turn out? Would you recommend doing anything specific? I don't have a lot of people I can talk to about this. I would like to get information from people who have gone through it. Thanks!
  • *Congratulations & Best Wishes*
  • Congrats to you! The third IUI was the charm for us! :) 
  • Hi!  I just got a positive blood test from my doctor on Tuesday after my first IVF.  Going back on Saturday for the second test.  I hope all your tests went well.


  • Hi everyone, I'm new on here,but wanted to share my success story!!  My husband and I TTC for 11 months.  I have endometriosis that I had a laproscopy for last May, and my husbands numbers were great...my doctor kept telling me it would only be a matter of time.  We did our first IUI in January and just found out yesterday that it worked!!!  We couldn't be more thrilled...and shocked!  I can't believe it worked the first time...Anyhow...it CAN HAPPEN....just keep the optimisitic attitude, even though I know how hard and dissapointing this process can be!!
  • Congratulations! I am PG after IUI too...though this was our 6th cycle of IUI. We have been trying for almost 2 years now. Thankfully this one worked, since it was the last cycle the insurance company would cover. I wish you a healthy pregnancy!

    Stef :) 

  • I am new to this as well. I am 34 and found out that i do not have a lot of eggs and am going through premenopause.My husband and I have been trying for three years. We have had 6 failed IUI's, two IVF's we got to a couple days before the procedure and my levels where bad and my egg count was bad.So on Valentines Day I made it through my first retrieval and got bad news that my eggs where bad. My chance of getting pregnant on my own was 5 to 10 percent and if I did I would miscarry or have a child with downs. So my only other option was a donor egg. So on Mother's Day I did my transfer with a donor. I wish everyone the best of luck!
  • Hi everyone, I am also new to this. I am enlightened and very encouraged reading all of the posts. It also gives me more information about the procedures done. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I am 34 yo and my husband and I have been trying for over a year. I did all the tests (ultrasound said my levels are great, hsg said tubes are open) and I am more relieved to know rather than stressing that something might be wrong (only irregular period). Husband didn't do any tests as he was a little sensitive about the whole thing. I took clomid two months ago (didn't make me pregnant but it made my period regular. Second cycle I decided for IUI which I will be having today. I took hcg trigger shot thursday night. There are so many ideas as to when is the great time to do the iui. I have been cramping since the shot and i guess 36 hours is better than 24? Anyway, i am hoping it will work the first try.
  • We got pregnant after our 2nd IUI. I as well have been dx with PCOS, I just don't ovulate on my own :-/


    Nov'12- Started TTC
    Sept '13- Went to RE, DH: SA normal, Me: Officially dx'd with PCOs (Never had cysts, not ovulating on my own, extra hair, dark hair, weight gain), HSG normal
    Nov'13 - CD2- U/S-Normal, CD3- 100mg Clomid
    Dec'13- CD9- 150ui Bravelle, CD11 U/S showed 2 follicles, one 12mm the other 16mm, Second round of 150ui Bravelle injection, CD13- Ovidrel Injection, CD14-IUI#1; Progesterone Suppositories 200MG= BFN
    Dec '13- U/S, no cysts, start Femara 5mg 12/30, 3 Bravelle 75ui injections(12/31, 1/2 & 1/4) and follicle check 1/6. U/S on 1-6 showed one 12mm follicle on the right and one 10mm follicle on the Left. Additional Bravelle 75ui 1-6 & 1-7, U/S 1-9 shows 18mm on the right and that's it.
    Jan '13- IUI#2- 1-12, =BFP!! Beta #1-112 (14dpiui), Beta#2-346 (16dpiui)!!!
    Mar '13- M/C @ 8w2d when I should've been 9 weeks. D & C 3/7/14

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    Congratulations to everyone!!
  • umandyumandy
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    Congrats to everyone! This is very inspiration. Just finished my first IUI and now have to wait to find out.. it's so hard to wait! Did you feel any different right away? (I have PCOS and don't ovulate on my own)
  • Hi guys first IUI fail got my AF the day before my beta test :( anyway im confused before i do my gonal f at night now after my iui ultrasound the other dr told me tondo it in morning im now confused
  • Good day everyone.  I am new here and was looking for some advice and people to chat with who understand.  My DH and I have been ttc for the last 2.5 yrs.  We did 5 mths of clomid with no success.  DH did an SA that showed normal sperm and normal counts. I had a hysterosalpingogram which showed no issues.  Our FS diagnosed us with 'unexplained infertility'.  DH is 40 and I just turned 35.  Went on vacation to destress and have some time away.  Now we are getting ready to start our first IUI round, hopefully we will have success.  After being poked and proded for the last year, it would be awesome to get a BFP.  We will be using Clomid and an injection trigger shot prior to IUI, has anyone had success on the first round of IUI using both?  Any advice for a newbie?  Congrats to everyone who go their BFP.
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