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1st time here!

So this is my 1st time posting. Just heard from my doctor after getting my ultrasound  on Tuesday. Was very nervous as we saw nothing except the sac and a little bit of the yolk forming. Today my doctor said everything looks fine and it is normal to not see a hb then. She dated me at 6 weeks and 1 day on the day of my us  with a due date of sept 10. Has anyone else dealt with a disappointing 1st us.

Re: 1st time here!

  • Not this pregnancy but at the beginning of my last pregnancy, I begged the dr. to do an u/s at my very first appt (around 5 weeks). He warned me that we wouldn't be able to see much and sure enough, he was right!  For this pregnancy, I'm just going to try to be patient and wait for my 12 week u/s. It's really hard since I have no idea how my pregnancy is progressing.
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