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FIRST BIRTHDAY! what to do?!

alright i have a question for you ladies. we're having my sons first birthday in a few weeks. as far as entertainment/games,and favors what would you do? Not too many other kids will be there and if they are,they're around3&up and mainly family. I feel bad just doing gifts and cake yet I don't know what games to play or anything. HELP
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Re: FIRST BIRTHDAY! what to do?!

  • I didn't do games. I put out Emma's toys in the living room and the little ones played with her. My son (10) had the older boys in his room playing with legos.

    For party favors? I got themed plastic cups from Party City and put single serving bags of fruit snacks, goldfish, and cookies inside it.

    My parties for the kids are around 2 hours and not everyone gets there at the same time. So there's more mingling with adults, feeding everyone, singing happy birthday, cut the cake, open gifts and that's about it.

  • We aren't doing games, as there will only be DD, a 1.5y/o and a 4mo old. As for favors, we are doing a cupcake theme party, so I'm setting up a cupcake buffet where the guests can frost their own cupcakes and decorate them. I bought boxes for them to take them home with them.
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  • We're having DD's party this weekend.  We're not doing games, I'll just have her toys out.  The kids ages range from 1-7 for the party.  For favors I had clear plastic treat bags laying around, I put tissue paper in the bottom and included: bubbles, fruit snacks, mini m&m's, crazy straw, and stickers.




  • We're not doing favors. There will be 1 other baby, 2 8-year olds and an 11 year old. I never see the kids without their DS's so TBH, I'm not bothering to plan anything for them. Blah, blah, crappy host, whatever. I've tried to do stuff before and they never want to do it so I gave up.


    ETA: There's always games like "Pin the Nose on the Snowman"  Use an old white sheet, hang on a closed door, draw an outline of a snowman (however big/small based on the kids' heights) with eyes and a smile. Then cut out carrot noses from orange construction paper. Blindfold and go.

  • I'll be having three 1 yr olds and four 7 yr olds and I wasn't planning to do much more than have LO's toys out for the babies. The 7 yr olds will have DS and can play outside and rough house out there.

    I wasn't planning on opening gifts during the party either.

    Soooo besides for sitting around and eating, I'm not sure what I'll do to pass the time!

    Favors - I'm doing two pink chocolate dipped oreo's in a pink paper bag with a "thank you" tag.  


  • We didn't do games but we did have giant gingerbread man making station for the kids. It was a Winter ONEderland party. The gingerbread men doubled as the kids party favors.

    Other then that I did a ton of decor and a gorgeous cake. The party was mainly for adults. We had a TON of food and drinks ie beer, wine and hot buttered rum cider. People came and ate, mingled. It was perfect!

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