please help me out. milk&weaning

okay so DS will be 1 next month Crying

I'm wanting to start introducing milk now,should i do it just a little at a time or can i give him a sippy full and just let him drink what he wants?

Also I'm trying to wean him off BM-right now he only BF in the afternoon for his nap and then bedtime. My question is this: what do I do when he wakes up in the middle of the night wanting to feed? I know with the afternoon feeding i can just feed him lunch when i would normally BF and then before bed he eats dinner but I'm worried he's gonna wanna eat throughout the night,he's currently waking up at least once to feed.
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Re: please help me out. milk&weaning

  • I would just give him a little at a time. My DD wouldn't drink it at first so I did want it to go to waste. I just gave her an oz or two at a time. I don't have an answer about the night nursing. He shouldn't really need to "feed" at night. Is it just comfort nursing? It might just be a gradual process. Sorry I'm not more help.
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