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Not feeling it anymore!? (Vent)

I am tired, my body hurts, LO is pushing on all the wrong organs, I am fed up at work (only 6 more days!), I'm ready for this baby now, but I know that I have to be patient and wait it out.  This wouldn't be all that bad if I was sitting at home in my PJ's!  I just need the strength to get through these last few days without telling everybody to "shove it".


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Re: Not feeling it anymore!? (Vent)

  • I feel the same way. Every ache, pain and contraction is driving me crazy! Luckily I have a DH who will listen to me complain about every little thing! Its hard at the end because you feel no matter how close you are it seems so far away. Try and take some time for you and lets all hope these next few weeks go by quickly!
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  • I feel the same way, except I'm stuck working until I go into labor. So.... 23 more days of work if I go on my due date. It gets more difficult every day not to tell everyone to shove it, lol.
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  • I feel the same way, I have and appointment tomorrow and I think I'm going to ask to be put off.  My doctor mentioned it last time I was there that she would write me off and I wasn't ready then.  I should also mention I have really bad insomina.
  • I know how you feel. DH just told me this morning that he can't sleep in the same bed with me right now b/c of my constant trips to the bathroom every hour and readjusting due to the pains in my back and from acid reflux. He feels terrible but he said just on the work nights so he can get some sleep. He knows its hurting so badly, and I'm so sick of the stretch marks and the aches/pains - and yet I'm STILL not dilated at all? O I hope it changes soon. As for work, I've already decided to not go in the week before I'm due like I'd planned - stress is unreal. Although - on the bright side - the "stress" (which was really an employee) decided yesterday to fight with me (her boss) and basically tell me to shut up, then walked out when the kids were due in less than an hour to arrive from school. Ya - needless to say, MY boss got wind of this, and the stress is now "fired" :-) Good last two weeks ahead!
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