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NPR at all... Don't cut poblanos without gloves! Remedies?

Ok, so I have used these peppers many times with no issue. DH and I love them - a bit more flavor and heat than a green pepper, but not nearly the heat of a jalapeno.

I cut them at about 7:30 last night, was fine until bed. Then I woke up a few hours later and thought my left hand was on fire. It feels like I put it on a hot stove. Taking a hot shower this morning was torture. I tried to find remedies online (from sour cream to rubbing alcohol) and nothing seems to be working for more than a few minutes. I have read that lime juice cuts the acid, but unfortunately don't have any on hand.

If nothing else its just a warning. I have cut hot peppers without gloves my entire life and NEVER had the slightest issue (unless I touched my eyes of course). Not sure if I'm more sensitive b/c of pregnancy, b/c of winter dry skin... Either way. Wear gloves :) I will be from now on!! 

Re: NPR at all... Don't cut poblanos without gloves! Remedies?

  • Yikes, that sounds horrible. I hope you get some relief soon! 
  • Oh no! I use lemon juice on my hands after I cut jalapenos, don't know if you have any of that around.  I hope you feel better soon!
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  • I grow hot peppers in our garden every year and I have to warn people not to pick them or touch them without gloves. DH and I keep boxes of gloves in the garage and in the kitchen. Rusty has apparently taken to liking to jalepenos though (I forgot to pull out one plant before the first frost this past year) but everything else he's stayed away from. 

    The WORST is when you don't use gloves and have a papercut. OUCH. The times that has happened, I've washed my hands with some sort of coarse, scrubby soap and then applied aloe from an aloe plant and that has helped to sooth and calm my hands.

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  • Vitamin E oil, I experienced a terrible reaction on my skin due to jalapenos a couple of years ago and found vitamin E oil works wonders. (of course I was cutting the capsules open but they sell the oil itself now).
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  • BGoBGo member

    I also had this problem for the first time ever a couple of months ago. Never happened prior to my getting pregnant. I was grabbing jalapenos right out of the jar for a recipe, and after dinner my hand felt like I had dipped it in a vat of Icy Hot. It also happens on our Monday night "Wing Nights;" I've actually had burns on my face from this, as I am the type of person who requires a bib/drop cloth when consuming anything even remotely messy.

    I know it sounds silly, but milk works for me. Just fill up a glass of milk and soak your hand in it for 15min - 1/2 hour. It neutralizes the capsaicin that is giving you the burning sensation.

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