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How did you handle LO's Christmas Birthday?

I thought I had it all planned out but between family showing up on a flow and baby's nap times I ended up having to literally stop Christmas so we could celebrate his birthday. I need a better idea for next year. I figure once he gets older I will do the 1/2 birthday but I need an idea for his pre-school years.

Re: How did you handle LO's Christmas Birthday?

  • Have a family celebration early, then make a special time on the day to celebrate. 

    It's your job as the mom to make is special, no matter what day your child's birthday is.  I personally feel that 1/2 birthdays are a cop-out for parents who don't want to put their kids first.

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  • We celebrated Christmas in the morning, and then her birthday in the evening. It was a small family celebration, and to be honest it sucked because she was so exhausted from the day. I'm looking forward to when we no longer travel across the country for every holiday.
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