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Travel by air ?

We're traveling to MN next month, and I'm planning to bring our convertible car seat with us - to check at the gate - which sounds like a pain, but the thought of renting one that I know nothing about makes me uncomfortable.

But I'm curious...If you've traveled by air with LO, did you bring their car seat with? Or rent one at your destination? What have been your reasons and experiences?


ETA: Also, if you did bring your own seat, did you buy one of those roller bags to put it in? Or use something else?

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Re: Travel by air ?

  • we brought our car seat/stroller set with us both times that we have flown home because its just easier,and honestly we didn't know you could rent them. It wasn't a hassle at all,going through security they just put the car seat through the belt and make you walk through with LO in your arms then before boarding they take both car seat and stroller and  when you get off the plane they unload them and bring it to you. GL! & of course feed LO or give them a drink when taking off and landing to help with their ears popping.
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  • We always bring a car seat but check it as luggage. We gate-check the stroller (so we can use it in the terminal) and hold LO during the flight.
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  • We flew to NY from San Francisco last month, our son was 10 mo old. We did bring his car seat and stroller. We checked his car seat as luggage, the airline didn't charge us any fees for luggage that was baby related and they had thick plastic wrap and kindly covered the car seat for us. We gate checked his stroller. Our son sat in our laps during the flight, I gave him either a bottle or his pacifier during take off and landing to help his ears. We took a red eye east and our son slept most of the flight :)
  • We've flown several times with LO and we gate check the seat...we just feel 'safer' with it gate checked. We didn't buy one of those roller things for car seats--my husband got a little rolling hand cart that folds up and he straps the car seat on that with bungee cords for while we're in the airport. Once we get to the gate he takes the seat off the cart, folds up the cart and then checks the car seat.

    It's really not a hassle at all! I would not feel comfortable renting a car seat, so this works best for us now. 

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  • We are preparing next week for Isaac's 15th flight so I guess you would say we are seasoned travelers.  Typically we leave our cheapy convertible at our destination since we go there so much, but I brought it home with me last time, knowing I'll be taking it back with us to our rental car.  I didn't want to rent one either, because you never know what you're going to get, and it's expensive!  I checked it as baggage the last time and it worked just fine.  You can also gate check it with your stroller but I find that to be a hassle b/c you have to carry it through the airport.  On the other hand, I always travel alone, so that's why.  I wouldn't bother with those wheels, but I would get a cover bag for it if it's something you'd like to keep clean, dry, and untorn.  They throw baggage around like potato sacks and it's exposed to the elements when it's out there...

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  • image Nechie122:
    We always bring a car seat but check it as luggage. We gate-check the stroller (so we can use it in the terminal) and hold LO during the flight.

    We do this as well. We travel overseas often and always check their carseats in a carseat bag. 

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