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Nursery furniture

I am looking for good quality nursery furniture, but on so many of the brands I look at the reviews say it just falls apart (especially the dressers/changers). Does anyone have a recommendation for good quality nursery furniture (made of good wood) that won't fall apart?
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Re: Nursery furniture

  • It is not the best but I have had my IKEA stuff for over 2 years and it still looks brand new...

    My friend bought a big, bulky, expensive set and her daughter chewed the crap out of it!

  • We had a DaVinci crib and changing table/dresser combo that we loved! It was amazing quality and we had it for years... Used with 3 of our daughters. Our one year old is still in it!
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  • JCPennys has really nice baby room furniture sets. Thats where I think we will get ours from. :)
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  • Get the most recent copy of Baby Bargains. They have reviews and tell you how to get the most for your money. 
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  • Our nursery set is made by Simmons.  It is amazingly good quality, solid wood, dovetailed drawers, and absolutey gorgeous.  It is SO sturdy compared to things we saw elsewhere.  We bought ours at Baby's and Kids 1st Furniture, which I think is only a Texas store, but I think the brand is only sold at higher end specialty furniture stores.  You can google Simmons Slumber Time for their collections I think (ours is Simmons Slumber Time Horizon). This will easily last our daughter through college, and to protect it from her teething years I'll use the protectors that you can buy at BRU and Target.

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  • I got mine from Pottery Barn Kids...Great quality stuff...
  • We're going with Munire.  It's rated A in Baby Bargains, is made of solid mahogany and mahogany veneers, and has some nice collections to choose from (some more expensive than others).


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  • Check Babies R Us. Some of theirs are cheap its true, but if you look around there are some that are wood (usually the "lifetime cribs") that are quality pieces, some even have the changer attached to the crib for easy access.
  • If you are looking for quality and cost isn't so much an issue, I recommend the wooden nursery collections by Creations.  We have the Summers Evening Collection with the convertible crib.  It still looks brand new.  My only only only complaint is that the touch light inside the hutch over the dresser needs a new bulb and I can't seem to find a replacement bulb anywhere.  This is minor compared to the quality and beauty of this wood furniture.  It is very nice and will last.

    That said, with another baby on the way, we are cringing at the thought of spending so much money again on another beautiful nursery... so we may be leaving the nursery as a nursery and moving DS1 to a big boy room with just a simple bed and dresser for now.  

    Also, if you are looking for a glider or rocker, I recommend the Best Storytime series.  We have purchased 3 different ones for different areas of our home, including one in the nursery.  I absolutely love it and am impressed with the quality.  Good luck!

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    Get the most recent copy of Baby Bargains. They have reviews and tell you how to get the most for your money. 


  • Our crib and dresser are Baby Italia and changing table is PBK. 
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  • My set is from Bonavita and 4 yrs in it looks brand new. It's been moved 3 times and looks great. 
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  • I also would suggest Baby Bargains. I was going to purchase one brand of crib/changing table/dresser but it received a "C" rating in the book..so now I'm researching everything and taking my time with the registry.
  • Definitely check out baby bargains.  They have great recommendations in all price ranges.  We were really opposed to getting anything made in China, and anything made out of cheap wood or MDF.  We narrowed our search to Romina, Munire and Echelon (Munire's higher-end made in the USA subsidiary).  Stanley Young America is also made in the USA, and I know some others have had positve experiences with it, I just didn't like their styles. 

     Happy Shopping!

  • Bellini has really nice WOOD furniture, but it's so darn expensive. I went to BBRU and their models were falling apart! If they can't keep it together in the store, how will it hold up at home? My nephew's furniture is from BBRU and we moved it once and had to use wood glue to put it back together. :(
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