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Tomorrow needs to hurry up!

I hopefully (as long as the legs aren't crossed) get to find out the sex tomorrow! I am so excited and impatient! I just had to share because I know I'm annoying all the people around me! Plus it will be my husband's first time seeing the baby on the monitor and I'm excited for him to see that too. My first and only ultrasound was a surprise one at my last visit to confirm I was not having twins b/c I was showing a little more then what I should. 


I can't wait for tomorrow!!  Hehe! :-)

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Re: Tomorrow needs to hurry up!

  • I am finding out the sex of my baby tomorrow as well and I feel like it just isn't coming fast enough!


    I completely know how you feel and I hope you find out tomorrow! 

    *fingers crossed for us both*


    Good luck!!



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  • I'm having my ultrasound tomorrow too!  I will not be finding out the sex, we want the surprise.  Good luck to you tomorrow!!!
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  • Oh I'm in the same boat! We're hoping to get a glimpse of the baby's sex Thursday but my other side of the story is my MIL will be at my regularly scheduled ultrasound so I scheduled one a little before that with the local college that does free ultrasounds and I'm hoping they have luck with the sex. I just want the first time finding out to be just me and my husband and something special we can have together. I hope little kritter cooperates with the process with some great legs wide open shots. For the most part the baby is extremely squirmy so I hope they can see something. Fingers crossed. Good luck to you!
  • It's a boy!!! So excited!!! Hope everything turned out good for you ladies today too!
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