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Is anyone else HOT all the time?

I am sweltering hot 100% of the time!

DH is ready to move out, lol. He's been sleeping in sweatpants, a long sleeved shirt and socks. I sleep in a tanktop and underwear. I have to have the fan on or it feels stuff!

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Re: Is anyone else HOT all the time?

  • YES! Its -10 celcius here and Im walking around without a jacket on and loving it!
  • i have my fan on at my desk as i type!!  i sleep with little to no blankets and i also have the thinest pajamas i own on (usually just a t-shirt).  i can't wait to get back to normal, i am over being pregnant already...a little over 6 weeks to go!

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  • Yes. I was already a hot person before pregnancy, but now it is even worse. Last night, the house was at 67 degrees and I had the fan on med-high over my bed. I slept in just a t-shirt and only use a sheet, no blankets or anything- and I still woke up hot at 6am this morning.
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  • I feel like I'm on fire most of the time.  I actually just went outside without my jacket to cool off for a few seconds because I so hot.  I can't imagine being in 3rd tri during the summer if this is how I feel in January.
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  • ME! DH always says theres something wrong with me! Before I was pregnant I was the type of person to always be cold! Not now, thats for sure!!! I walk around with shorts and a tshirt and DH is in sweat pants covering up with a blanket most of the time! LOL!
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  • Hah me too - I am constantly getting grief over the fact that I don't wear a coat but I'm always burning up!
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  • Yup. I just took out the trash with only a skirt and tank top on. It's snowing. It was kind of nice.

    I get too hot sometimes, like after I take a long shower. We have a spare room in our apartment where we keep the heater vent closed and I go in there sometimes to cool off.

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  • I'm warm, and I like it.  I am typically freezing cold.  Now I feel like a normal person.  My students keep telling me it's cold in school, but I don't notice.  I have no control over the classroom temperature anyway. (Gotta love budget cuts!)  It's just nice not to be cold along with them! 


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  • Not hot all the time.  But I am such a Sweaty Betty.  I'll be fine temp wise but my pits will be soaking. It's bizarre!


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  • I'm always hot now!  Poor DH, I slept on top of the covers last night with the fan on and he wakes up in the middle of the night freezing trying to pull them from underneath me. Oh well, he'll be ok.  Smile



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  • image emschott:
    I'm warm, and I like it.  I am typically freezing cold.  Now I feel like a normal person. 

    This EXACTLY. 

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  • It was -37 celsius here today, I was walked into Costco with my coat undone, people looked at me like I was insane, and then they saw the belly!
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  • see my TMI post below - definitely on the sweaty Betty train.
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  • I am constantly sweating like a wild hog. I have been keeping the thermostat in our house @ 65! I feel bad for DH, but he has no idea what it's like to feel this hot! Drying my hair has become the most tedious task the past month or so because of all the awful sweating I do!
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  • We live in a basement suite with single pane windows and a drafty door...  It's been pretty cold here, too.  But the upstairs neighbors have control of the heat and I swear they're trying to sweat me out of our suite!  It's been consistently 22-25 in my kitchen all winter long.  I'm normally comfortable at 20.  Pregnant me would be happy with 16!!  I sleep with absolutely NOTHING, except my nest of pillows, and I still wake up feeling like I fell asleep in a sauna...
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  • YEP!  I keep telling DH that the recommended sleeping temp for a baby is 68, so I am just getting him used to it...he's constantly complaining about the cold.  We used to have these battles, as I like to dress for the season (sweaters in winter) and he likes to walk around in shorts and Ts year round.  Now, he's in PJ pants and l/s and a sweatshirt. 
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  • I'm usually the type to always be freezing cold.

    Well, DH is working from home today due to the snow, and he's sitting next to me on the couch... He wanted to turn the heat up in the house, since it's set to 69?F, and I was like, "No way!" ... So, instead, the fireplace is going. I'm sitting here in a thin cotton bathrobe and not much else, and he's got his heavy terry bathrobe, full winter PJs, socks, slippers, and a blanket...

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