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Maternity pants at 13 weeks - feels too early

I think I'm having some sort of body image crisis here ... I know every body and pregnancy is different, but I feel like I'm doing something wrong. I have always had a lower belly pooch and it's getting bigger by the day. I'm still eating a normal (for me) diet but I haven't been exercising as quite much just because I've been exhausted.

I just can't stop thinking that if I already need maternity pants, I'm gaining too much too fast. I know there isn't a 'normal', but I feel like I need some reassurance for some reason that I'm not crazy and 13 weeks (as a FTM) isn't ridiculously early to be in elastic-waisted pants...

Someone help the insecure pregnant lady step down from the ledge of insanity?


Re: Maternity pants at 13 weeks - feels too early

  • I started wearing them at week 10. Embarrassed

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  • I started wearing them a while ago, but still haven't gained any weight - just changing shape!  Try to remind yourself that there will be some redistribution... it's not all new weight there!
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  • I'm a FTM and I bought my first maternity pants right around 13 weeks (even tho I've been wearing a be-band for a few weeks before that).  You have nothing to worry about.  It was hard for me at first too, but I've actually noticed that most of my pooch at 13 and 14 weeks was still a bit of bloat.  I wanna say this week, my belly seems to be slightly smaller (and I mean a tiny bit), less bloated and getting harder now.  And trust me, you'll be so much more comfy in maternity pants!

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  • I also started about week 10 and i have only gained 2 lbs to date.  It was more about comfort, I didn't like the extra pressure on my abdomen.  It seemed to make my stomach upset and make me pee more. Now with my mat jeans I actually feel like I look better, as they fit better allowing more space in the right areas.  
  • I've been wearing maternity pants (or my old fat pants with a BeBand) since week 13. I haven't gained any weight yet, but my shape has definitely changed! Maternity pants are way more comfortable! Big Smile

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  • Ditto the bloat. Wear them - you'll be so much more comfortable! I could have started wearing them at 12 weeks but I waited until I told my work a few weeks later.
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  • I went out of town for three weeks at week 8/9, and all I brought were maternity jeans and leggings. I've lost a pound, but I live in my maternity jeans. Bloat, belly, whatever, I just figured I'd rather be comfortable. 
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  • I've actually lost weight since my first appointment, but am in maternity pants. They are just so much more COMFORTABLE and that is all that I really care about at this point! =)
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  • I have the same problem and need to cave in soon and buy maternity pants. I have always had a small belly... just seems to be where my body likes to store fat. Now that my bump is just starting to emerge it seems that the fat is being pushed up and OUT in the grossest way. I am really wishing that I had worked harder on the belly fat prior to getting pregnant. Oh well.

    Now I am just worried that I will have a permanent layer of icky fat over my pregnant belly throughout. I guess it isn't going to just magically disappear. 


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  • With this pregnancy I was in them SUPER early, mostly because my bloat was insane!  Then last week I spent a few days in regular pants with the belly band.  Then one day of maternity pants/belly band and now I am back in mat pants.

    I read somewhere that bloat/gas gets worst if things are tight, and the jeans/belly band got tight.  When I switched I felt MUCH better  :)   Get off the ledge and into super comfy pants :)


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  • I'm in agreement with most, I'm a first time mom and had to buy bigger pants so as not to squish my LO and myself. I always have body image issues but am trying to take it one day at a time. If you're eating the same diet as you have been then baby's taking up some of it too so it can't all be weight gain from foods. :) Womb expanding, amnoi fluid, baby itself, it all adds up too.

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  • Do whatever is comfortable for you and don't worry about how far along you are. If you need them, you need them.  I am a very small lady and just the 7lbs (which the doc says is FINE) I've gained make me feel like a house.  I'll probably bust out the fat pants by the end of the week, myself.
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  • You ladies truly are the best - and you all have really good points! Reading your responses has helped to put my mind at ease and not feel so alone in this :) Thanks everyone! The maternity pants have made me SO much more comfortable, and I have to focus on that part of it - not the weight gain & body changes.

    Like my husband says: "JEN! You are pregnant. Of course your stomach will be sticking out, there IS a baby in there!" This needs to become my mantra. Thanks again ladies, I don't know what I would do without you!


  • I have the same due date as you and finally purchased my first pair of maternity jeans on Saturday. Friday was rough for me- my pants were just too tight and uncomfortable that I finally decided to bite the bullet. I've lost a few pounds due to m/s, but I can definitely tell my belly pooch has been redistributed. Honestly the maternity jeans seem a little much to me too, but I can't wait to be comfy!
  • Sister, I could have written that post!  I'm the same way.  My "bump" is mostly displaced fat, as baby starts taking up more space.

    I might have been able to get away with the unzipped jeans with a be-band for a while longer . . . but dangit, it just wasn't comfy anymore.  This weekend I finally gave up on my pre-pregnancy jeans and went out and got a good pair of maternity jeans.  A little early, perhaps, but I know I'll need them eventually.  And it feels so good to not have my open zipper scratching against my belly all day long.  As long as I keep my shirt pulled down, no one else knows the difference!

    I AM trying to up my exercise now that I'm getting my energy back, though.  I want to be growing baby, not extra rolls!

  • Im only 12 weeks pregnant and today i put a pair of jeans on and have decided that its probably a good time to start shopping for maternity pants.  My doctor hasnt yelled or said anything about my weight so until they say something im not worried about it.  Just think that once your baby moves its way up to your belly that whole section changes in size.  Dont sweat it, everyone's body is different.
  • week 16 here - i've been wearing them since december. they are the best. i was able to wear my regular jammie pants/ yoga pants until last night. tried on 3 pair and they fit no more. 

    funny thing is that i haven't gained any weight yet - maybe a pound - just have a changing shape. 

  • I've broken down and put on the maternity pants, too--even my "fat pants" weren't working...

    We all look and feel funky right now, and I remember feeling the same way with my DS.  Just a few more weeks, and our squishy paunches will actually turn into baby bumps, which are way cuter.  I'm looking forward to it bc all I'm rocking right now looks like a flubbery belly along with a Kardashian-esque booty.  wth?!?!  I need some balance over here!  ;)


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  • I started wearing maternity pants at 11.5 weeks....best decision ever!!

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  • I bought mine and after 10 weeks I started to wear them along with some of my more comformtable pants. Perhaps it is the hormones for this insecurity. I know some of mine is. I felt the same way, but that baby is attaching and where it attaches will depend on your comfort of the pants. I have only gained 3.8pounds since my first Dr's visit (I am 13 weeks today), but I think this baby is going to be growing out and forward for me. This might be interesting...


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