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Old Navy

Do they sell maturnity clothes in the store or only online?
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Re: Old Navy

  • Only some stores carry it, so I would call around to see before you go.
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  • You can go on their website and search for a store that sells maternity clothes.
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  • just shopped at old navy for maternity clothes- super small selection compared to online. i had 4-5 items in my cart online and only walked out with one shirt in the store...  :/ just don't want to wait for shipping and i wasn't sure how it was going to fit.



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  • The one near me has a very, very small selection in-stores and its almost all shirts.  I found the pants they sell to run on the long side but I'm too lazy to send them back--because when you order online you can only return via snail mail.

    I hear GAP has better-fitting stuff, though.  I'm going to look online today.

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