2nd Trimester

My nipples

Are killing me! Absolutely in a burning aching pain.  I was complaining about this to my sister in law and she came right over with some gel pads she bought at Target.  They are amazing, apparently you can pop them in the fridge, but they also reduce the friction between my bra and my nipples.  If anyone else has this problem, may I recommend lansinoh soothies gel pads
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Re: My nipples

  • Thanks, I'll have to try this.

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  • Are they cold?  I have been having horrible pain, but it seems like it hurts the most when I am 'cold' and they rub against my bra.  They turn almost pure white... I have been trying to not wear a bra as much as possible but I do work in public.  I have to admit, one day it hurt so bad i put tissues in my bra around my nipples to try and relieve the pressure!
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  • I noticed the opposite problem yesterday. I got in the pool to swim for a while and stopped to talk to my MIL and I just started pressing on my chest cause it made the pain stop. She noticed and I told her my chest was hurting (bad idea she's an RN) I corrected myself and told her my breasts hurt and when I got out I noticed the areoles were wrinkled and hurt like crazy. I hopped in a warm shower and it finally subsided but if I get really cold outside or in the pool they start all over again. I've started wearing thicker bras and with more coverage and a heavier coat to keep from having the problem anymore.
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