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First day a stranger commented!

I got my first "are you pregnant?" from a stranger today. It was a foreign woman and she was like "you pregnant right?" it was cute. I told her I'm due in 8 weeks and she said "you so small! It's a girl?" I thought that was funny because it is a girl. Anyway it was a positive experience! Just thought I'd share. Kind of a pointless post. Haha.

Re: First day a stranger commented!

  • Aww, that's so sweet! I had a delivery guy wish me luck with the newborn and a few people chat to me about the baby. It's really nice how friendly people can be when they see you've got a bundle!

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  • Awwww, I love it when strangers comment nicely, haha!  I can't believe you are just starting to get comments now!  I get them from strangers all of the time, but more of the "wow, you look ready to go"...
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  • Haha! That's cute!  I haven't really gotten any comments from strangers. Most people see my big belly and try to steer clear it seems like. Although I did have a Jehovah's witness come knocking the other day and we had a nice chat about how I'm due in March and it's a girl and how she has two girls that are 13 months apart. :-)  But that's about it.
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  • Glad it was good for you! Smile

    Wish I would get comments like that. Most of my customers know that I was a fat chick before I even started this little adventure, so they just assume I've gotten fatter. Crying Strangers just assume I'm fat, too. Unless, of course, I'm holding my back because it hurts, or my belly because little guy kicked me, then they ask, "Are you okay?" Then I respond with, "Yeah, just pregnant. VERY pregnant." That's when the comments and questions usually start.

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  • It's nice to get positive comments :) I've never spoken to so many strangers and co-workers before until I got pregnant. Easy conversation starter! I still find it weird how people can guess girl or boy though..
  • Today at work this one lady comes up to me and said I heard you're pregnant. I tell her yes I am and she asks if I just found out. When I told her I was due in 8 weeks and not 8 weeks pregnant she thought I was messing with her. My belly is obvious just not so much when I'm sitting down I guess lol
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  • BGoBGo member

    It's so nice when someone says something nice to you, or even just a smile and a step aside to let you waddle on by!

    In the last two months, I've gotten:

    "I'm so sorry, I just thought you were getting fat."

    "Are you SURE you're pregnant?" 

    "You're wide, so I couldn't tell." 

    "Who is the baby shower for?" (When asking for an address for a coworker).

    And run over by idiots with carts at Wally World. I think it's extra points if you hit the arthritic pregnant woman.

    I WEIGH pregnant, why can't I LOOK pregnant? :) lol

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