Has anyone ever conceived while breastfeeding?

DH and I have decided to try to conceive again (yes yes I know its soon I dont care lol).  I was just wondering what the chances are.  I want DS to get the best nutrition possible from breastfeeding but I would also like to conceive sooner rather than later.  Any advice?

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Re: Has anyone ever conceived while breastfeeding?

  • I haven't, but lots of people have. It's less likely to happen while your baby is under 6 months and eating frequently all night. I would encourage you to wait until 6 months, and then perhaps work toward night weaning if your period hasn't returned.

    Aside from the benefit to your baby to bf-ing, there is also a benefit to letting your body properly recover before you get pregnant again.

  • I did when my middle daughter was 6 months old....and I have a friend who did when her daughter was about 8 months old, and she now nurses both of them!! Her 2 yr old and her 8 month old! Oh my! What a woman!
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  • We did. But LO was 14 months old and we were only nursing about 3-4 short sessions a day.
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  • I did when DS was 18 months.  I had to cut back to nursing 3x/day at 14 months before I got my first cycle.  Also keep in mind that pregnancy hormones can hurt your milk supply.  We weaned when I was 15 weeks pregnant, partly because I had no milk left.
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  • We decided to TTC when DD1 was 12mo, I didn't get a period until 16mo and didn't ovulate until 18mo......  turned out DD2's LMP was the week DD1 weaned.

     I agree that it is less likely that you will be able to plan a pregnancy if you are BFing full time while your LO is <6mo and you haven't had a period, it's possible but lactational amenorrhea is listed as a contraceptive method for a reason.  But that doesn't mean you can't have some fun trying, just try not to get disappointed if it takes a while.

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  • Definitely possible, I was on the mini pill for 20ish months and then got pregnant after stopping it. Never had a period between DS and this LO.
  • I just found out I'm pregnant (how far along TBD next week at u/s) and my LO is just over 7 months old and I have been EBF with the introduction of solids at 6 months.  I have no advice on *how*; I think we were very lucky. 
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