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a cold has hit our home again!

My poor baby is only 15 weeks old and working on her second cold.  I hate it!  She's all stuffed up and coughs throughout the day and evening.  Saline and aspirator help, but man, I hate it when she sounds like this.  I wish I could just make it go away.  Her first cold lasted a couple of weeks.  I'm hoping this bout doesn't last as long.  Winter needs to be OVER!~

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Re: a cold has hit our home again!

  • I know how you feel it is so terrible seeing their little bodies shake with each cough. My daughter had a cough so bad she would spit up her bottles. We took her to the ER and of course they couldn't do anything but one nurse suggested using a vaporizer to help break up the congestion. It has helped quite a bit. Hope your LO gets better! T&Ps
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  • Our household was sick through all of December. I found that raising one side of the mattress helped with the cough. We just put a pillow under the mattress. Also, Vaprorub, saline drops, humidifier, and Lysol!!! I sprayed Lysol on everything every day. Lightswitches, tv remotes, door knobs, etc. I also found homeopathic cold drops at the Vitamin Shoppe (Natra Bio). We were on the mend by that time, but it may help too. Colds suck. I hope your LO feels better soon.
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