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can someone explain weight watchers program please?

I would like to start the program but dont know anything about it and the website does not provide much info until you join.  i cyrrently weigh 162, 4 weeks post partum.  pre-preg weight was 138,  i am 5'4 and 32 yrs old.  how many points a day do you get?  what are some common points values?  i assume there is extensive guide.  how many extra points for breastfeeding?  overall what do you think of progrm?  thanks!!
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Re: can someone explain weight watchers program please?

  • Most of your questions I can't answer because it will depend on your height/weight/activity level.  They figure it out for you and I'm not sure the calculations.  there is an extensive guide.  Most fruits and veggies are 0 points.  Over all, I never connected with anyone.  I didn't get the support I needed.  I also felt hungry all the time. Nothing was satisfying.  Many women have succeeded but for me, the program wasn't worth it.  I've moved on to something else and have found support, friendship, and lost 20 lbs so far. :)
  • My experience is that programs like WW aren't worth the cost unless its the peer support you need in which case its hit and miss depending on who you get in a group.  I recommend websites liek or sparkpeople that allow you to enter your stats and specific activities as well as your food to track not only calories in/out (which is the only equation you need for weight loss) as well as your nutritional intake (protein, carbs, vitamins, etc) . I know calorie count has specialzied diets you can select that include pregnancy and lactation which adjust not only your nutritional needs but account for additional calories needed as well!
  • I LOOOOVVVEEED the WW worked so well for me, and was really the only way I've been able to successfully lose weight.

    With that said...I loved the food program.  I did not need the support of meetings, and didn't feel it was worth the cost for me to go long term.  I joined long enough to learn how to do the program on my own.

    I believe you can join online...cheaper than going to meetings...and you can learn the program, get all the details...there are also free online message boards that can provide peer support if you do want some...I used those, and found it more helpful than meetings (just a personal preference).

    So yeah, I love the program.  I'd join for a short while (online or in person, whatever you prefer), at least long enough to learn what the heck you're doing :)
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  • I thought I'd de-lurk to comment because I'm 5'4" and 33 so we probably have the same basic points allowance -- 26 for weight loss + 49 weekly points, but you would get additional points for breast feeding -- I've never been pregnant so I'm sorry I can't tell you what that would be.  Fruits and vegetables are free, many lean meats (e.g. chicken breast) are about 1 pt per oz I think.  There are a lot of guides you get if you go to meetings but there is also a ton of info on the website (which you can access if you sign up).  The online database has a lot more food in it than the books they give you; I prefer tracking online.

    For me the program was a huge success.  I lost 85 lbs in 2 years and have been maintaining that loss for about 6 months now.  I liked having the flexibility to essentially eat whatever I wanted, as long as I kept everything in balance.  As long as I was eating mostly healthy foods (fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein -- I do not eat a lot of empty carbs), I could eat enough of them that I was almost never hungry.  But I still had room in my weekly points to eat sweet treats once in a while, which kept me from feeling deprived of them.  We had a WW At Work program in my office so I went to meetings there and found them helpful because I'm kind of competitive and wanted to be the one who did the best! :)  But as long as you can self-motivate, the online program works exactly the same.

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  • Sometimes WW will offer a special to allow you one price for both online and x number of meetings. I found I enjoyed the online support but really benefited from the leader at meetings. I find if I do only at home, I get obsessive and weigh myself too frequently. The meetings gave me consistency in my weigh in. The cost is worth the tools in my opinion. It is no different to me than spending tons of money on food based programs, and at least WW food is obtainable in grocery stores. My dad and mom have done awesome on the program. Each one has lost 50+ lbs and my dad said that sometimes he can't even eat all his points now that fruit and veggies (minus a few, like peas) are free. Coming from the old program, where you did starve, the new program is much friendlier to weight loss.
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  • Thanks everyone so much for the input!  I think I am going to join online and see how it goes.  I need to do something because I am still eating like I am pregnant with twins!  thanks again!
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  • I'm just lurking...I've never done WW, but if you have a smartphone or an Ipod touch, you can download an app that you can use to keep track of what you eat. I used it before I was pregnant and I really liked it. The app I used was called "Lose It." You can put in weight and exercise, plus it has tons of foods and restaurant foods preprogrammed into it.
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