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Experienced Breastfeeding Mothers - HELP

I am a brand new FT mom, and my eleven day old daughter has so far been doing great with the breastfeeding - latch is good, and has already gained her birth weight back, etc.

 But today, she was fussy and yet I knew she wasn't hungry. Thinking that maybe she was hitting a growth spurt or just hadn't had enough, I started feeding her. She was crying hard and didn't seem interested, but once she calmed down she did. About ten minutes or so afterwards though, she spit everything back up - and I mean everything! It was all over her and my husband. So clearly, I was right in the beginning, and she wasn't hungry, and just wanted to be soothed by my breast. But if she just wants me as a pacifier (which is fine, since I'm not going anywhere) but will actually EAT when she's not hungry, what am I going to do!? I can't keep having her puke it back up again. I thought babies were self regulating: so maybe I missed her cues and it's my fault? Plus, my nipples, which weren't all that sore, are getting more sore from her using me as a pacifier. 

Can I try using a regular pacifier if I'm sure she's not hungry - if she's crying right after a feeding for example, or something like that? I don't want to use a pacifier if she's actually hungry or miss any cues, and I'm totally freaking out - like I said, I'm a new mom and am just starting on learning her cues and what to do...

Re: Experienced Breastfeeding Mothers - HELP

  • I've used a paci from day one with both my babies (DS is 5 days old) and never had a problem. It sounds like bfing is well established and you know her cues. I say give that baby a paci and your nips a rest!  :)
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  • You can try a pacifier and if she spits it out (she probably will at the beginning as she wont be used to keeping it in her mouth) and freaks out she could be hungry. In my experience my DD only nurses for about 10 minutes and sometimes only 5 but she has also gotten alot more efficient at the whole BF thing. When she was your DD's age she nursed for about 20 minutes or so. Sometimes they just need to comfort suck so I say try the paci! She will let you know if its food she wants. And about learning her takes time! don't stress out you are doing great!
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  • Give the paci.  Initially we had to coax her to keep it in.  Now she will take it and keep it if she wants to suck, but if she hungry, she'll take it for a minute or two and then spit it back out.  I give it back to her and if she spits it out again, I offer the breast.  Like PP said, you will learn LO's cues.
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  • I waited two weeks this time around vs a month with DD1 to use the paci. Make sure you get a good burp. When I don't get one I usually get a ton of spit up.
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  • I was told when LO was little, that if a baby is gassy they can mistake that pain for hunger pain, so that then they nurse and of course spit it all up.

    You could try winding LO.

    AS to your question, if BF is well-established you should be ok to introduce a paci. 

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  • My LO has been using a paci since day two. it was my intention to hold off but one of the doctors at the hospital gave it to him it was my fault because I did not express my wishes...anywhos, he had no issues with nipple confusion as a result of it....

    to respond to your spit up issue...DS has had what I believe to be 3 growth spurts so far..I have noticed a pattern, he wants to be at the breast non stop, which in return causes him to take in more milk then his body can handle and as a result he spits up...a lot. i take it as in order for my supply to to support what his body will need after growth spurt he has to be at the breast non stop..because the more he nurses, the more my body will call for your LO may in fact be having a growth spurt. 

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  • image AnnaBanana0327:
    I've used a paci from day one with both my babies (DS is 5 days old) and never had a problem. It sounds like bfing is well established and you know her cues. I say give that baby a paci and your nips a rest!  :)


  • get a nipple cream  to help the soreness
  • My guess is that your LO had a gas bubble and needed to be burped before starting to eat. When my LO was first born he was like that all the time.

    But I also agree with PP's on introducing a paci - if you want to go ahead. I waited on the advice of LC's and now mine refuses a paci (maybe he would've to begin with, IDK). But I wish he would take a pacifier - like in the car or when I am not around.

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  • This is normal. part of it is that she doesn't like or doesn't know that it's ok to be on the "outside" so the closest she can get to climbing back into your uterus is to nurse. And that is normal, and even necessary to reassure, comfort and provide enough nutrition. their stomachs are still so incredibly small that they need virtually constant nutrition to get enough.


    in addition, they've never felt hunger or thirst before, or the feeling of pee, poop sitting in a dirty diaper, need to burp or fart, so with their instinct to suck for survival, anytime they need anything they may think they need to nurse, so you'll have to go thru the checklist of clean diaper, burped well, comfy clothes, need to eat etc. Be sure you are burping long enough and patting hard enough, that is a common FTM mistake. Mine I had to pat like over 100 times, working from diaper up to shoulders and pretty firmly, and then would get a huge old man chugging a beer type of burp.


     As for making baby wait longer to eat, DON'T. Like I said, their tummy is still incredibly small, when born it's the size of a MARBLE--that is pretty darned small. It stretches out to hold 1-2 ounces by about now, but that means they need to eat every 1-2 hours. There is also a growth spurt at about 1 week and 3 weeks of age, and 6 weeks and 3 months. during a growth spurt they need to nurse non-stop to increase your milk supply to where it needs to be for successful future breastfeeding.


    In other words, you have a normal baby, go with the flow, nurse as much as you can, as often as baby peeps. Burp really really well. If you need a break, sure you could use a pacifier, but be sure it's for short amounts of time, that baby can spit it out and get the breast if they need to--and you don't overuse it as it may make latch worse.


    Use lanolin for nipple pain, or other nipple creams. Make sure with frequent nursing that latch is ok and not poor.


    As for the spit up, take 1 oz of milk (cow's milk if you'd like), add a teaspoon of cottage cheese (to simulate what happens to the milk once it hits the stomach acid it kindof curdles which is normal).  Mix that very well, shake it to add air bubbles.  and then squirt it out over a spit up towel.  It looks like a HUGE amount of milk.  but its really not all that much. 


    It's more likely to be from a stuck air bubble, than from actual overeating.  With a stuck air bubble and an immature esophageal sphincter, when the air bubble comes up, some breastmilk comes up with it.  and that's normal too.  spit up happens and doesn't mean anything horrible or bad.  It just is one of those baby things.  If spit up was due to something FTMs did wrong, then they wouldn't sell spit up towels, they'd just sell directions on how to avoid spit up, eh?


    Don't overthink it.

    it will be ok.



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