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We have a baby bjorn that I plan to use for hiking, walks, camping etc but just decided that I want to get a moby like wrap for wearing LO around the house and such,...anyone have recs on a certain type or where to find the best prices?

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  • I have a moby.  They are price controlled, so for the most part they are the same price everywhere,  I like the moby because it's safe for a newborn and lo can nurse while in it.

    I also bought a sling for hot days if we go for a walk in the neighborhood this summer.  I bought it three days ago on clearance at BBB it was originally $50, but Igot it for $8.

  • i got a sakura baby sling.  i went to a cloth diaper store and they had them there.  i was able to try on all the different ones that they had there and pick the one that was going to be best for me. 

    i'm a hot person by nature, i always have been and the maya wrap was too hot for me.  the sakura was expensive, $88, but as much as i plan to use it, i think it'll be worth it.  plus i used part of my xmas bonus from work to buy it, so that helped.  i did go on amazon when i got home to see how i did on the price and it was the exact same as what i paid. 



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  • I'm going with a Baby K'tan. They are very similar to the Moby but no tying/simpler to put on. Haven't used it yet but have gotten rave reviews from a couple of Mom friends so am looking forward to it.
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  • 1.  I like the moby wrap, but I find it to be really hot. Basically the only time I was comfortable in it was to put baby in it and wear it as a shirt around the house.

    2.  I've bought several carriers off ebay. I research on the site, then find them online.  I've saved a ton of money.

    3.  FYI regarding the bjorn. Some namebrand carriers like that are painful for baby.  A good carrier provides support all across a baby's bottom to their knees, like they were sitting down.  Many mainstream "backpack" type carriers just provide support in the crotch area, and they aren't great for babies to use. GL

  • I just bought the Moby.  I researched a ton before getting it.  Found it clearanced at Target though:)  Also, going to buy the Beco.

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