3rd Trimester

Grocery shopping made me feel like I just ran a marathon.

I actually need a nap.  I feel so pathetic and I still have 9 weeks to go. UGH!


Re: Grocery shopping made me feel like I just ran a marathon.

  • In 9 more weeks you'll actually be trying to run a marathon to get that baby out!

  • Yeah, I feel pretty pathetic too. My husband and I have been working on the nursery, and I had to walk from the main floor of the house to the basement and back up to the second floor where the nursery is going while carrying the paint, and my husband asked me why I was out of breath. I could have kicked him...
  • I took DD this morning... today I had to resort to a doughnut for each of us to help ease the pain of the early Saturday morning shopping trip.  Luckily it wasn't a major trip, just a run for the essentials.
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  • Oh gosh. I am so exhausted...anything that takes effort wears me out! Even doing the dishes (by hand) today..I had to sit down after! I had no idea I was capable of being worn out so easily...even at almost 9 months pregnant!
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  • Don't feel bad! You'll go through stages. I had a 2 week stage right around 34-35 weeks where everything tired me out, I was just constantly exhausted, and I figured that was how it would be until I gave birth. However, right around 36 weeks I got some energy back and I feel so much more like myself. I still have days now and again when I can barely get myself going, but you shouldn't necessarily anticipate that this is how it'll be from now on. 
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  • I agree, the exhaustion comes and goes.  Right now I am in an exhaustion phase, walking down the hall is my new work out lol.  Hang in there, you won't feel like this all the time.


  • You're not alone indeed. I get a burst of energy to get up and clean, so I go with it. After pushing through an hour, as soon as I sit down I am so tired and uncomfortable. Where I'm a SAHM this time around (with DD I worked 40 hrs a week), I'm not used to being on my feet all of the time. So now if I go to the store for longer than 30 min my feet are totally swollen and by the time we get home and get our items put up, im ready for a nap!   It's pathetic. And only gets worse. Just 6 more weeks to go until my due date and then the real 'fun' begins lol
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