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Any successful Natural births after 2 c-sections?

I really really really don't want to have a repeat 3rd c-section.  I don't think I am a candidate for a home birth, but would love to look into a natural, intervention free hospital delivery.  Any Advise or suggestions would be welcome. 

 I feel like my history of c-sections all snowballed with the mass amount of intervention I received with my first...all I was not prepared for, nor was I educated (my fault) on the interventions, I just took the advise of my nurses, and wasn't really even asked about them, they just kind of we are starting your Pit, now we are going to break your water, etc.  My second  C was just because I had had a first, and that is what the OB suggested.  I still struggle with feelings of missing out on a huge event in my life and feel like this surprise 3rd pregnancy has given me the chance to experience the birth I have dreamt of.

This time around I have done a lot of research, read journal articles, etc. talked at length with moms who went the natural home birth route, etc.  I just feel like after having had 2 c-sections my OB won't even want to discuss a natural birth.  I guess if she doesn't want to discuss it I start looking for a midwife, or more natural based practice.

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Re: Any successful Natural births after 2 c-sections?

  • I am not in your sitauation but I would also post this on the VBAC board.
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  • There are quite a few successful homebirth and natural birth after c-section stories on the forums. I like to spend time reading all the great stories.

    They also have VBAC forum as well.



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  • My mother had a natural birth after 2 c-sections at age 39. It just took finding an OB who was willing to let her try. I would definitely want to try to find a midwife or willing-OB that will deliver in the hospital. Good luck!
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