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Baby K'Tan vs Moby Wrap

If you own one or the other what's your opinion?? I can't decide which one I want. They both look kind of complicated and look like they would take forever to get on right but I hear they are awesome!
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Re: Baby K'Tan vs Moby Wrap

  • I have the K'Tan and it's not hard at all! Youtube some of the videos so you can see how easy it is :)

    I love the concept (and wearing it), but my baby does not ;( she prefers her Britax carrier....LoL oh well...maybe baby #2 will enjoy it when the time comes.

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  • I bought the Moby and I personally don't use it as much as I thought I would. But I would not let the wrapping process deter you from buying one. It's easy to figure out after a couple of times; I just don't really have a need to use it very often. 
  • I, too, have the K'tan and love it.  For me, it was a lot easier than trying to decipher the moby; and a lot less fabric.  My little peanut loves it so far!


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  • I chose the K'Tan over the Moby because I was able to find it cheaper on Amazon and it seems a lot less complicated. The first few times are a challenge figuring out how to use it, but it gets much easier after you know what you're doing! DD loves it, even better! :)
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  • I chose the Moby because DH and I are very different in size and the k'tan is size specific while the Moby adjusts to anyone. Don't let the wrapping scare you, it is so simple once you do it one time. I love my Moby and ordered a second one so that I could always have one on hand if one was dirty or I left it at my parents house accidentally.
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  • I own the moby and LOVE it. We also choose it because of size difference ( i'm 5'4 and my husband is 6'6) I watched a video online how to wrap before i got it, and by following the super easy instructions ( with pictures) that it comes with i wrapped it right and perfect the first time and didnt need to look at instructions after that time.  My daughter loves it, she is 8 weeks.  it washes well too.  Also love doing skin to skin with it, it completely covers me ( except some midriff) .
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  • i have the's actually super easy to wrap. i like it but DS does not. i've tried using it a bunch and he screams the whole time. definitely money well spent...hope you have better luck!

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  • I cannot speak for the k'tan because I have the moby.  I LOVE it and so does DD.  I got the moby because I found it VERY cheap online.  We also have a height weight difference in our household...whenever I can get DH to use it.
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  • I love our k'tan.  It's a little snug on DH so I'll do most the baby wearing until she's old enough for a structured carrier, but we love it. It's simple and portable -- no wrapping long pieces of fabric in the store parking lot. She sleeps in it or looks around happily. I wear her to walk the dog, to run errands, etc. 

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  • We LOVE our k'tan. it's a lot less complicated than the moby because you dont have to deal with all the excess fabric and wrapping. it easy to throw on quickly and you can wear it the same way as a wrap.
  • So which one did you go with?  My sister in law has a Moby that she loves and I saw a K'Tan that I think I prefer.  I read a few reviews online and it looks like I'm more interested in the K'Tan but my sister-in-law berated me yesterday (gotta love Thanksgiving) because she thinks hers is better!


  • Love my moby!  Youtube tutorials helped me feel confident in wrapping, don't let it intimidate you.
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