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first time mommies: does this feel real?

okay, i'll be going on 15 weeks, and i think this sounds weird...but it still doesnt feel real to me! i think about baby EVERY. DAY. i've even been painting the huge mural in the nursery, and yet, my brain like...cannot GRASP that my body has a baby inside it. growing. and it's something my husband and i made. it's like my mind has no idea what to do with this foreign concept because i've never experienced anything like this before. i have seen my baby on the ultrasound. seen it's little heart. HEARD it's heartbeat twice...

but i still think, "OUR baby is going to pop out of me in july?!"

it's not that i'm scared. i'm not. it's just so weird that it still doesnt feel real despite me going through the motions. anyone else??? 


Re: first time mommies: does this feel real?

  • I feel the same way!  I hardly have any symptoms and am just starting to get a tiny bump.  I keep looking at my ultrasound pics and video clip in disbelief!  I still just cannot believe there's really a baby in there!  Maybe once I start showing and feeling movement things will be different?   
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  • I said the same thing to an older friend at work with 2 boys...she said once you really pop and get that belly and start feeling movement is when it really feels "real" to you, I am hoping so because I dont feel its real yet either!
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  • I'm totally with you. I had my NT scan today, and seeing baby with arms and legs wiggling around was surreal. I haven't purchased anything, haven't even really started researching. I keep waiting for something, but I don't know what. I'm THRILLED to death about the baby, I guess I just have to take the plunge. 
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  • i agree about the movement. i bet once we feel that, it will seem more real. right now since there are no symptoms, i just feel like i am letting myself go weight-wise hahaha...and i have to say, "noooo...its cause there's a baby in there"
  • It's not even a FTM thing- these are my 3rd/4th and it feels just as unreal as it did with my 1st.  For me, part of the amazement in birth is finally "getting" that there was an actually a real little person inside of me.  
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  • I agree with PP - this is my second and it's still not real to me.  I'm so glad you said it because I was feeling really bad about myself.  I told someone that day and they were just shocked.  I didn't think it was as shocking as funny/weird.  Can't wait till i have a biiiiiig bump and feel the kicks!!
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  • Yeah, there are times that is hits me and feels real. but most of the time it SO does not feel real. I don't feel pregnant, as much as I look it....
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  • I know exactly what you mean!  I have had about 12 u/s, have seen the baby squirming around, heard the heartbeat several times, and still don't believe it.  I think it's because it took so long for me to get pregnant and the cycle that worked, I was already completely convinced that I was not pregnant.

     And for some reason I keep thinking, yeah, I'm pregnant now but I don't feel like I'm going to have an actual baby at the end of this.  I know that sounds morbid and depressing but it's why I haven't really even looked at any baby related things or thought about names.  I don't wanna jinx anything:(  I need to stop thinking this way.


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  • I feel EXACTLY the same way ... I keep thinking "ok once I start feeling sick it will be real" ... "ok once I hear the heartbeat it will be real" ... And so on

    But my brain just can't get it! :-/ 



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  • my brain doesn't get it either. I haven't seen baby, I have heard a heartbeat for a few seconds though I don't have a count for the heartbeat because baby wouldn't hold still. I am not showing, I don't believe that what I am feeling could really be baby it must be gas...


    yep... I hope it gets it sooner than later.

  • I feel the same way. That was actually on my mind today. I've seen the baby twice, heard the heartbeat 3 times and it still doesn't feel all that real. I talk about the baby and think about it all the time, but I haven't made the baby connection yet. Weird.
  • I feel the same way! We're super excited but it's still surreal.

    I think it will start to feel more real once I'm really showing, can feel the baby, know the sex, and start setting up the room.

  • im still convinced theres nothing in there even though ive had 2 scans.


  • I felt like this until my appointment yesterday and then heard the heartbeat and it hit me! I think after awhile I may get back into the "is this real?" phase but I'm still going on the feelings I got yesterday when I heard that awesome sound :) Thinking about the fact that the baby will actually be here in July doesn't seem real though. 
  • image chipmunk112511:
    I said the same thing to an older friend at work with 2 boys...she said once you really pop and get that belly and start feeling movement is when it really feels "real" to you, I am hoping so because I dont feel its real yet either!

    i think that is when it will start feel real to me. i see the little bump, but can not really grasp the fact. when do you typically start to feel the baby move?

  • I absolutely feel the same way, it's seriously surreal mainy. i'm soooo excited i think abou it all the time but it's just sooo crazy and such a miracle i really have to sit down and really think about it to believe it, CRAY :)
  • I completely understand what you're saying.  It feels real when I have a doc appointment, and I think about the LO all the time, but to finally be a family?  Wow!

    We were looking at cribs in the store last weekend, and I saw a bassinet.  It made me tear up because all of the sudden I realized we were going to have a littler person to put in one of those, and in only 6 months!!

    Its exciting, scary, joyful, incredible, nerve-wracking, etc all at the same time!

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  • Me too. I hope it will start feeling more real when I get a bump and feel movement. Right now, I go to an ultrasound and I see the baby in there, and then we leave, and it's like ok where is it?
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  • I totally feel this way as well. I did not even realize it until one of my girl friends started talking about downloading some of her baby stuff onto me. All of the sudden I felt very panicked and overwhelmed. It was then that I realized that I have been thinking of this baby but in a conceptual type of way. It just got a whole lot more real LOL Especially when I started to think about all the baby stuff that will be lying around my house and not just confined to a nursery! Ha 

  • It's so nice to hear I am not the only one that feels this way! I remember my first u/s at 7 weeks and heard the heartbeat, it was amazing but for some reason didn't seem like it was actually my baby! I have about 10 more u/s pics from my NT Scan that I love to look at because now it actually looks like a baby.

    Now that I am 15 weeks it is starting to settle in because my belly is growing and we have gotten some baby stuff given to us as gifts already. The spare bedroom is starting to get filled and it's unbelievable to think that this summer we will have a little one to join our family!



  • image KarmB:
    im still convinced theres nothing in there even though ive had 2 scans.


     I'm hoping that either starting to show or actually feeling the baby kick is going to convince me. 

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  • I haven't had any ultrasounds yet - I am hoping that will help!  I've had plenty of symptoms, nauseousness and otherwise but that doesn't make it feel real.  The heartbeat was cool.  I think I am still in denial?
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  • It's totally surreal to me too. I haven't put on that much weight (like 3-4 lbs) and it just doesn't feel like there's anything different.
  • It doesn't seem real to me at all.

     For one, this was a surprise. We were not planning for a baby, so when I figured out that was why I was sick I sat around in shock for a few weeks. Even after telling our parents and going for the first ultrasound, at 11 weeks to see the baby squirming around, hearing the heartbeat...it doesn't seem possible. Add to that the fact that I've maintained weight - I know, my doctor's already had words with me - and it adds up to an entirely surreal experience.

  • Even though I have felt crappy for three months, I constantly forget.  At least a few times a week I just go, '"Oh my god.  I am pregnant!" and my husband always says, "yup".  I don't think he gets it.
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  • I feel the exact same way!  I think I may have felt the baby move 2 different nights this week, but it still doesn't seem real!  My stomach is getting very hard, but I am still losing weight so I think that may be part of the reason that it doesn't seem real.  It may also be because we tried for over 2 years.
  • Doesn't feel real to me at all. I keep thinking July will come and go and nothing will happen.
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  • Not a FTM, but this does not seem real to me either :)


  • I'm starting to get a bump and that's making it feel real. Before that though I thought I was being horrible! How could I not feel like my baby is there? The more noticeable the pregnancy gets for me th more real it feels. 
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