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5 year old gifts

Hi all. My goddaughter is turning 5 in a month. She starts Kindergarten in September. Any gift advice? I always do a "day out" with her, but I want to do something else special this year. Mine are slightly younger, so I don't know what great gifts are for kids that age.



Re: 5 year old gifts

  • Kids in my daisy troop are 6 (turning seven this year) asked for / got for Christmas (or Chanukkah):

    Games for (Leap Pad / DS / Wii)

    A DVD of a movie they liked, motorcycle, bus, etc. (most have barbies, but got something extra for her)

    Guess Who? game

    Operation Game

    Figit Friend (it's a blob shaped doll that talks to you)

    American Girl / Accessories / Books

    Tea Sets

    Purses / Book bags (she'll probably get a backpack for school, but maybe a bookbag of her own for library books?)

    Some funny books they like are Leah Wilcox (Falling for Rapunzel or Sleeping Beauty), Elephant and Piggy books by Mo Williams,

    Many like stuffed Animals - - maybe take her to Build a Bear?

  • A "big girl" necklace would be a good gift. Children's jewelry isn't that expensive. You could take her on a big girl shopping trip (my daughter loved stuff like this)  :)
  • My older DD is 5 1/2 and will start kindy in the fall.  Right now she is loving anything that has to do with writing, board games and really anything that she can use her new skills that she is learning in PreK.  We got her and my younger DD Tags for Hanukkah and they love them.  They have a a whole serier on learning to read and a map book.  If you check out any of the learning stores (where the teachers shop) I am sure you can find a bunch of great educational yet fun things.  My DD is also very into dress up and Barbies and arts and crafts stuff.  Both of my girls (younger one will be 4 in March) are getting real scooters this summer (we got a great deal on Black Friday and have them hiding until summer).  They have the training ones already and are ready to move on. 
    Jenni Mom to DD#1 - 6-16-06 DD#2 - 3-13-08 
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