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Early contractions - help?

Hi ladies,

This is my first pregnancy and call me naive but I went into the ER last night after have strong contractions (first up my spine, then to my abdomen) for about 2 hours straight. I timed them and once they were around 5 minutes apart and I was to a point of barely being able to breathe through them - DH and I decided to go to the hospital. 

I've spent many sleepless nights the past few weeks experiencing a similar tightening of my stomach and pain in my lower back - but they lacked the consistency and strength of the pains I was feeling yesterday.

After about an hour of waiting at the hospital, they got me into a room and started monitoring me. At that point, I felt like an idiot because what I thought were contractions had completely died down to nothing.

They continued to monitor me for about an hour, I was showing mild - moderate contractions with no dilation and no consistency so I was sent home.

The continuous cramping in my lower back and abdomen has been persisting all day long today. I am so tired of this and just wish that labor would start or that my water would break so I could at least be assured that labor would come soon.

I have 2 weeks until my due date. Is what I'm experiencing pretty standard? Or is it a sign that she could come soon? I just wish my mind could rest and stop playing this guessing game! 



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Re: Early contractions - help?

  • This is my 2nd pregnancy & my body fooled me yesterday. I had strong braxton hicks contractions for 7hrs 5-8min apart, and I thought for sure it was early labor since I had a similar experience w/ DD.  But by lunch time they had disappeared, and I've barely had any BH since.  I know it's very disappointing.  So unfortunately there's just no telling what our bodies are up to.  I hope baby comes soon for you or if not that the contractions ease up.  The only good thing is they will likely help you progress so that when labor does begin, you'll be that much further along.  Good luck :)
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  • I had that happen when I was a few weeks away from my due date with my son.  Went in to the hospital and same thing, was sent home after a couple hours.  The nurses told me that it was false labor and that a lot of people come in with false labor.  They told me that it may start up again at any time and be the real thing so it is always good to go in a be checked. Good Luck!
  • It's comforting to hear that I'm not alone ! :) Thank you both for the good wishes, I'm really anxious and it's just nice to come to a place where there are others who can relate. I've got a warm washcloth now on my stomach which is helping a little. My bath tub isn't quite the most comfortable, especially for a pregnant lady, otherwise I would love to just chill in the bath tub for awhile while my body is preparing itself. 

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  • That happened with my first pregnancy when I was about 4 days shy of my EDD.  I went in at about 1am to L&D and by 8am the contractions had stalled out to about every 15 minutes.  They sent me home.  The next night I lost my MP, two days after that I went into labor.

    I would say the only difference for me between the false labor and the real deal was although the false was painful, it wasn't quite as painful as  when I was in full blown labor.  I ended up having back labor too.

  • Don't feel like an idiot- I was having BH contractions ever 3-6 minutes for over an hour/hour and a half at 33 weeks, and went to L&D.  As soon as the put me on the monitor, they stopped and I only had like 3 more in the 3 hours I was there.  The nurse was really nice and said not to feel bad- that they would rather you come in and be checked than have your baby at home b/c you were afraid of being wrong.
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