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Headed to the hospital soon - last BPF!

We are headed to the hospital in about an hour and I thought I would post my last BPF before we head out.  Before I do, I wanted to thank you all for all of the love and support you have given us today.  I could not have made this journey without all of you. 

Here's a comparison.  My 1st BPF at 17 weeks:


And here's today at 39 weeks:



TTC #1 since 8/09
BFP#1 - 9/2/10, EDD 5/14/11, Twins Hannah and Liam lost 11/7/10 @ 13w1d.
BFP #2 - 2/9/11, EDD 10/13/11, LO lost 2/13/11 @ 5w4d
BFP #3 - 5/9/11, DS born 1/13/12

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Re: Headed to the hospital soon - last BPF!

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