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Hi, this is not an important post. It is important to look and feel pretty and comfortable though?! I am not a big shopper. I've worn VS lacies forever and am looking for some boyshorts or regular cotton panties that are low rise and comfortable to wear until I want to sport a thong again. Any suggestions? I bought some from WalMart but they are already comming apart and are not low rise. (just bought them cuz they were $2 for 3 pairs in a package) But I can't stand them, even if i roll them down. Thanks.

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  • i bought Hanes low rise bikinis and hip huggers at Target.  They were like $6 for 7 pair.  they also have the boy short kind but they looked like they were a little higher in the rise.  best of luck!
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  • I got some Lamaze brand maternity bikinis from Amazon.  They're nothing too exciting - just cotton bikini briefs - but way more comfortable than regular underwear.  I think there were other cuts (boy short, etc.) as well and they weren't very expensive.  I think I paid around $10 for 3 pairs.
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  • I'm a big fan of Hanes cotton bikinis. The elastic bands are hidden under the fabric, and they're nice and stretchy. I can usually find a 3-pack at Target for around $6.
  • I'm a huge fan of the maternity undies at Motherhood.  They have bikini, thong, and boyshort options and are very low-rise in the front to make room for belly, but also have plenty of coverage in the back.  Plus the undies are proportioned appropriately for our expanded hips and err..other parts that seem to be getting wider.

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  • I wear the boyshorts from Target that are Xhileration (Sp?) or whatever the juniors brand is there. They are usually like 5 for $20 or something like that. I like low rise and whenever I have tried to buy Hanes or anything in the package I feel like they are a little too high even if they say low rise.


  • Ive been wearing Hanes boy shorts now that I'm later in pregnancy. Non-pregnant they are way too high, but now they fit just right. And they stay out of my bum so no wedgies which is wicked.
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  • The foldover briefs from Motherhood are MY JAM.  Seriously - they are all I wear now, except for the occasional Hanky Panky whim. And I *think* they'll work fine postpartum for a while too!  
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  • I am in love with the boyshorts from aerie (division of American Eagle). Seriously, check them out; they are thick cotton so they last forever, they are comfy and cute.
  • I wear bikinis. I like the ones with only the elastic at the hip and the cloth going front to back. I find the stretch well and sit low enough to be out of my way. I feel like they are kindof sexy too. 
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  • I bought some "maternity" panties from Motherhood Maternity, at the suggestion of my sister (she works there and says they are the most popular style).  They're briefs that can fold down under your belly, and they are the most comfortable panties I've EVER owned!  100% cotton, stylish, and comfy, I swear I am never buying any other kind of underwear, even after baby is born.  They are just that comfortable!  A little on the pricey side (about $20 for a pack of 3) but absolutely worth every penny!
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  • I am a thong wearer, even during pregnancy so far. I have worn thongs since I was idk 16 and nothing else. I am still wearing my VS ones for now, havent had any problem with them and they still fit great. I usually wear boyshorts to bed, but not when I have pants on.

    I did however buy 2 cheap packages of cotton granny panties for PP, since I will be wearing the pads. (back to jr. high style I guess) I bought a package of  low rise hanes at walmart with 10 pairs in each for $5 each. I hope they work and dont drive me crazy PP. I was unsure of what sizes to buy, I bought a bigger size to hold the giant pads and my normal size


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