1st Trimester

Thoughts on being almost 10 weeks...

This is my second pregnancy, so far it's been quite different than my first. I have nausea off and on and tender breasts. And this time so far I don't have much fatigue or the need to pee very often.  I was able to go to the OB at 5 and 7 weeks and see an ultrasound which was great. But I'm also just trying to remember from my first pregnancy when I was able to feel the area of the uterus starting to firm and feel that I'm growing. Since according to pregnancy sites, the uterus is the size of a tennis ball and by the end of 10 weeks you may be able to see it slightly. I guess I'm just anxious to feel the uterus and see it visibly, is anyone else? 
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Re: Thoughts on being almost 10 weeks...

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