2nd Trimester

Weird Smell

I've had this weird smell I'm detecting and I thought it was something from work but now I think it's just my nose. This is so strange! It's like a chemically/ woodsy smell and I just wonder if this is just me or if anyone else is having this. I didn't have any smell issues during my first trimester but boy is it rearing it's ugly head now. Any suggestions or is this just a deal with it thing?

Re: Weird Smell

  • EVERYTHING smells weird to me lately.  I also find that after eating even the smallest thing it leaves a really bad taste in my mouth.  I have been carrying really strong sugar free mints with me and that kind of drowns out the bad taste and smells. 

  • If it's pregnancy related, sadly it's a 'deal with it' issue. 

    I had something similar with my first.  It always smelled like someone was smoking pot and everything tasted like licking a battery.  And sadly it didn't let up at all until baby was out. 

    Last time I had it for a few weeks and then it went away.  And so far, I haven't noticed anything this time - except the ability to smell b/o or chicken noodle soup from 2 miles away.

    I hope it eases for you soon.

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  • Thanks, I'd really prefer chicken noodle soup than this smell. The battery thing is very dead on for the smell of this actually. I wonder if I'm picking up on blood in my nose some too.

  • My sense of smell is incredibly powerful this pregnancy.  I don't think it was nearly this strong during my 1st pregnancy.  I keep smelling this very odd, quite unpleasant smell in our house & I just can't place it.  I try to use candles & different smell good stuff to mask the odor, but it just keeps coming back.  My husband thinks I'm crazy lol.
  • I agree I wonder sometimes if it's just something in my nose that makes me smell this smell. It's just such a strong chemically smell that's very overwhelming.
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