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This Just Got Very Real :)

I am a school teacher, so once a year all the vendors like insurance, cancer policy, AFLAC, etc. come to our school.  I always take out about $300.00 for medical reimbursement for things like the dentist or eyeglasses or an occassional sickness.  It's tax free, so my DH and I decided that it would be a good idea to take out the cost of the baby ($2,000.00) out of my checks into the medical reimbursement plan so that I can just pay all the expenses at once.

Sooooo, all of the sudden it feels really official.  lol

 Anyone else doing this?

Re: This Just Got Very Real :)

  • Yep! I also take advantage of my company's FSA plan but this year instead of the couple of hundred I usually elect I did the max of $2500 to help cover all the baby costs!
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  • Yep!  I have $2400 in my plan. I think it will feel even more real when I see that much less on all my paychecks!!

  • We're not, but we have several AFLAC policies to help cover the hospitalization and maternity costs-- they are amazing! And I swear, I'm not just saying that because DH works for them...haha
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  • We're doing it too - only $1500 I think though since (hopefully) most everything will be covered by one of the two insurances.

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  • I bumped up my FSA contrib (which I've already had to use to pay some bills this year) AND I started a day care HSA!  I only put $500 in it since we would only be using it for the last few months of the year, but it made me feel like a responsible parent (even if the scuba-diving during early pregancy didn't).  Big Smile
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  • Actually, this is the first time I did the FSA and I did it before I knew I was pregnant (i was about 4 weeks when I did it) - maybe I had a premonition.  :) SOO glad I did it!  I only did $1700 bc I was calculating the cost of my allergy injections - which I'm no longer getting just in case.  So I'm very thankful that we did that.  
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