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TMI breast question

I'm 23 weeks pregnant with my second child, and I am having terrible, stabbing, searing pain in my nipple. It's awful. I did not have this with my daughter, and it hurts more than the pain the first few weeks of nursing did!

I see my OB in less than a week, but I'm wondering if there's anything I can do about it now. Dr. Google suggested its Reynaud's, but that's more of a problem during breastfeeding it seems.

Anyone else dealing with this and have suggestions to relieve the pain (other than tylenol)? TIA!

Re: TMI breast question

  • yikes! do you think maybe u have an infection?
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  • as far as a pain reliever... if tylenol isnt helping... you can take hydrocodone (just not on a daily basis) 

    Hope you start to feel better soon! 

  • Does it burn too? Could you have a yeast infection? I have some stabbing pain but it is not excruciating. 
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  • Call your MD.  They may want to see what's possibly going on in there.  They would be the more knowledgeable people to ask...
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  • I get that feeling in both nipples.  Almost to the point of crying.  It's been going on since I found out back in November.  My doc just said it was from them being squished in my bra to long or from them getting really cold.  All she said was to a) bigger bra or not wear one or b) try to keep them warm.  

    I have found that when it happens to take my bra off and let the girls hang free and place something light but warm on them.

    hope this helps, sorry you have to go through it too. 

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  • I've had that pain before and I thought there's was something wrong till I went swimming and it hit me the same way if not worse and pressure was about the only thing that made it stop hurting. It was brought on by cold and I mean miserable! I have not had pain like that ever.
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