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anyone at Fort Carson? having problems getting into OB

Anyone here at Carson having problems getting appts in OB? This is our first baby since we've joined the military community and I'm finding it really annoying! With DD we had no problems getting in, i saw the same dr everytime, I was in every four weeks in early preg. But, at Evans I've only had one real appt. and that wasn't until I was 10 weeks because they couldn't get me in, then they wanted me back at 15 wks which would be today, but they couldnt get me in for another two weeks. This concerns me because I plan on having a repeat c-section and makes me wonder if they will even be able to schedule it! Is this normal for MTF's? We've only been part of the miltary for 2 1/2 years and this is our first pg since DH joined so I don't know. TIA
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Re: anyone at Fort Carson? having problems getting into OB

  • Most OBs, military and civilian, won't see you until 10-12 weeks for your first appointment.  What you are describing honestly doesn't sound abnormal to me. 


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  • I was at Carson when I had my first child. The thing you have to remember is that when units and such get home from deployments there are big baby booms. Those baby booms mean lots of women needing appointments around the same time so it will make getting an appointment a little harder. It is just one of those things. I don't recall having too hard of a time when DS1 was born (2008). Things seemed harder with DS2 when I was at Riley.

    As for not seeing you until 10wk, that is pretty standard. You typically get an early appt which is really for paperwork and then the first actual appt is 10-12wk or so and then every 4wk until you are 36wk along (or unless you are high risk or something).

  • I am at Carson. I didn't have my daughter here, but I can say that Evans is a busy hospital, hence all the renovations and expansions. I gave birth in Korea, where there were over 300 OB patients for ONE doctor. Yeah, appointments were hard to come by! They will see you at 6-8 weeks for intake, 10-12 weeks for your first appointment, then every month after that until you get closer to the end of your pregnancy. My advice is to schedule your next appointment before you leave your last one. They will not turn you away. It might now be at the exact day you need/want, but they will get you in. Same thing with your c/s.
       If you are that concerned, you can switch to Standard and be seen off-post. However, those dr's are just as full.
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  • Well, as long as its pretty normal then I guess its not too bad. I just remember with DD I went to a civilian dr and had such great individualized care. I got in every 4 weeks starting at 6 weeks with no problem and of course always saw the same dr. So, I guess its just a little odd to me.
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  • I ended up switching to standard and delivering at St. Francis up off Woodmen and Powers. I had an amazing dr with Academy Women's health. Ft. Carson is very busy. They told me when I called I could be seen between 10-14 weeks.
  • I wasn't seen for my first appt until 12 weeks and it was off base (Cannon doesn't have a hospital). I was out of town for the first two thirds of that time and it just took a few weeks to get the referral stuff done and get an appointment. Take some prenatal vitamins, don't drink or smoke, and just continue on with your normal life.
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  • While it's common, I don't think that makes it ok. To be seen at 10 weeks and then not again until 17 weeks is crazy IMO. If you want any genetic testing done (nt scan, quad screen, etc) it needs to be done before 17 weeks. I'm on Standard because of stories like this.
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  • Definitely make your appointments before you leave. While I think not being seen until 10 weeks for an actual appointment is common, the not being seen for 7 weeks after that isn't cool at all. If they have that many patients, they might be willing to refer you out.

    I'm at Camp LeJeune Naval, and they only accept 200 patients per month. After 200, people go off post. I've been seen whenever I've needed to (and I have a very complicated schedule since I work full-time and was always out of town first and second tri) and have always seen the same MW. They even ask me which MW or Dr I want to see when I book my appointments. I was seen every 4 weeks until 35 weeks, then every week after that.

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  • I had my son at evans. I always planned my next appointment before I left and sometimes it was still busy but sometimes the reseptionists didn't pay attention to the weeks you need to get in or anything. I would tell them the doc wants me back this week and they would usually fit me in some where. Congrats on your pregnancy!!  we are stationed at fort Carson so if you have questions just let me know :) Oh and I hope getting your c section goes good. They were a pain at finally admitting me. I was 7 cms before they admitted me. But other then that they were great!  And don't be surprised if you don't get the see the same person every time I didn't see the same person twice and ended up having a doctor I didn't know when I was in labor. But it was over all very good :) 


  • I just found out I'm pregnant at Fort Carson. I'm thinking of going off base. I called today and they have me scheduled for an information meeting in three weeks. Which just seems weird. I even told them that my last pregnancy was high risk and still "this is just the way we do it." I know its still really early but I figured I'd get to see a Dr. just to confirm everything. shrug.
  • I'm at Fort Carson too!  I am on Standard and have had a great experience at Colorado Springs Gynecology Associates off of Academy.  My husband missed an ultrasound b/c of work and they let us come back in when he was available that week for free!  The staff is so nice there.  We are PCS to Ft. Rucker in two weeks and I'm sad to be leaving their care.  Good luck!

  • I'm at Fort Carson and couldn't even get anyone to answer the phone for 10 days to schedule an appointment for 24 weeks.  I finally had to call patient advocacy to get someone to call me just to get an appointment.  It is frustrating. 
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