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Need advice from GD mamas

I was diagnosed with GD after failing my 3 hour, and have been on the diet and testing my sugar for 2 weeks now. My numbers are pretty much in the normal range, but some of my fastings were above 90 (never abover 100 though) and the Dr. wanted me to consistently be below 90. So she suggested exercise and such before bed, which I have found this doesn't bring my number down as well as exercising in the morning before I eat. I hope I am on the right track with this.

Otherwise, my question mainly pertains to what my dr. should be doing. Right now, I have no idea how big the baby is, my last ultrasound was at 19 weeks and she was measuring in the 50th percentile at that time. All I have been told is the Dr. won't let me go past my due date, and I will have an ultrasound at 38 weeks to check on growth. But with all I have been reading, it looks like other Dr's are much more proactive than mine is being and I feel like I should know a bit more. I'm getting overwhelmed with not knowing the possibilities. I have heard some moms who are being scheduled inductions at 39 weeks automatically and my Dr. hasn't mentioned anything about this at all. Is this normal? What are your thoughts/opinions. I have my weekly appointment tomorrow and will be 33 weeks on Friday. I just really want to make sure I keep this lo in as long as possible and keep her healthy. Thanks for your input!


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Re: Need advice from GD mamas

  • I didn't get any extra ultrasounds until they put me on insulin.  I've had one extra one so far and go in next week for another.  My Dr's have mentioned the 39 week mark, but only if my body's ready for it.  Otherwise I can go until 40, but not after that. 
  • If you are diet controlled and your numbers are good, maybe your doctor isn't as worried.  I am on insulin, so they will be monitoring me more closely (weekly BBP/NST starting at 30 weeks).  If you are concerned, though, I would definitely talk to your doctor about it. 

    ETA: I do have high BP and some other heart issues as well, so my doctor has other things to be worried about besides GD.

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  • DS2 was my first GD pregnancy.  I was completely diet controlled (no insulin) and my ob treated me the same as my pregnancy with DS1.  No extra NSTs, ultrasounds, etc.  She does not induce early due to GD except in extreme cases.

    This pregnancy, I am insulin-controlled and have had weekly NSTs since 34wks as a result.  Otherwise, no change. 

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  • 50th percentile is where you want to be, however the farther you get in your pregnancy the more likely the ultrasounds are to be off.

    My little girl is measuring big (70th percentile) but my OBGYN doesn't trust the ultrasounds because she's seen them say someone was having an 11lb baby and it was only 8lbs at birth. So try not to sweat it too much... 

  • With GD, as long as I'm diet controlled, my pregnancy is treated as a "normal" pregnancy. Once I start insulin, I go in for twice weekly NSTs and once a week ultrasounds. I'm BARELY on insulin (2 units at breakfast), yet my doctor follows this protocol once I start any insulin. 

    My weekly ultrasounds are to check fluid and a bio-physical profile, not to assess size. I am measuring normal and my OB has not mentioned baby size via u/s at this point.  

    While my doctor won't induce early, he also won't let me go much past my due date. My dietician says they don't like to let "non-GD" pregnancies go much past 41 weeks, so I'm not that much different because of the GD.   

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  • My MFM is watching my numbers.  I had an ultrasound last week to look at LO's size/ placenta/ fluid/ etc.  I have a NST tomorrow, and then I have no idea what after that.  I don't really like my MFM very much because she wont really give me any info unless I ask very specific questions, and then she gives very specific answers, no extra info at all.  I don't always know how to word my questions, so I don't get very much info from her.  But I like my OB, so I'll just be asking her all my questions that I don't feel I've gotten good answers to on Friday when I see her.

    MFM mentioned inducing around 38 weeks.  

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  • I am diet controlled thus far and have had no issues - the dietician tells me my numbers are beautiful when they check my meter and have only pulled my food journal once, and that was a different nurse that acted like one high (13 points above my cut off after a BBQ sandwich on white bread!) was bad.  Anyway, I have weekly NSTs and have had one BPP/Growth ultrasound 3 weeks ago and have another BPP/Growth ultrasound next week. 

    My OB said if I don't have NST at the MFM office I need it at theirs, but so far the MFM wants to schedule them so that works for me.  DS hates the monitors and goes nuts when they put it on me so I get plenty of movements to satisfy them in 20 minutes or less - plus I don't have to push the button for movement myself.  At my OB office they have a different type of NST and I have to push the button when he moves and they leave me on it for the full hour.

    I have my induction scheduled for 39 weeks but that might be moved up depending on how he does at the BPP/Growth us next week. 

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