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So I'm officially "that mom" - the one who makes a big deal about something that is nothing and should probably be let go and chalked up as innocent and harmless.  Now I feel bad.  A while ago we accidentally left a bottle at DC and it was misplaced.  It was a slightly different one from DD's other bottles, but the same brand.  When I picked DD up today, one of her bottles was capped with the cap from the bottle that was missing (it has her tape).  Not really thinking about it, I came home with the same number of bottles that DH dropped her off with, and they are all stickered with DD's sticker.  The fact that she came home with a different cap concerned me and I got really creeped out - especially since a bug is going around and DD is under the weather - I'm being overprotective.  Unfortunately, my imagination is got the better of me and I got worried that her bottles may be mixed up with another baby's, who has that same brand.  I highly doubt it, but I still emailed the head teacher and asked her to look into it.  I feel bad that I complained - I couldn't really figure out how to ask about it without being at least slightly accusatory.  Oops - I can't take anything back. I should have slept on it.

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  • I should probably mention that there are a bunch of reasons that old cap might have suddenly turned up - the daycare shares space with a church, so it may have just been put away, then moved around and innocently found today.  The cap and bottle could have easily been separated and I am sure that is what happened. 

  • But then what happened to the other cap that was on it when you dropped her off? I don't know - something like that creeped me out too, it happened when I started working (for one week) and the daycare she was going to sent home one of my DD's bottles with another kids lid and I was like ummm? It didn't even fit the same way.....I don't think you are a crazy mom - just a good, concerned, attentive mom:)
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  • Our daycare tosses them all in the sink and rinses at one time, so we used to get other people's stuff a lot. Morning drop off was a swapping time of items sometimes. :)
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  • Bottle caps get messed up all the time at our daycare.  They leave the caps on the counter when they're feeding the babies and sometimes they get put on the wrong bottle when they're done.  No biggie.

    I would probably try to apologize or make a joke about it today.  They understand that moms get overprotective or make mistakes.

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  • I understand being worried with a bug going around.. Maybe you could write your child's name on the bottles/caps so the center won't make the mistake again?

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  • They looked into it and emailed me that this was the first time that anything like this has ever happened and the fact that one bottle is missing is a huge fluke.  I am sure that it's just going to show in the bottom of a toy bin one day.
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