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SO READY (a little ranting)

i am 37 weeks tomorrow. and i am SO ready to have this baby. i know i still have 3 weeks until my due date but i am so impatient!!! it has been a really good pregnancy so there really isn't anything i should be complaining about. i just want to meet my baby girl! and i know i know.. "she will come out when she is ready" yes thank you everyone i've have talked to...that doesn't mean i am any less ready to meet her! and yes i know "the longer they're in there the more developed they are" yes yes.. it's not that i don't want her to get all the nutrients she needs or anything i just want to see her and NOT be prego anymore. i am so done with feeling like a whale and being sore and tired all the time. plus i have a move to plan and i can't start anything with her until she is born (birth cert., no fee passport- we are moving to guam.. etc) and it's just getting really stressful and i am starting to freak out a little. i would just like to get labor and delivery over with and meet my baby!!!! 
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Re: SO READY (a little ranting)

  • Ha, I feel you! Sometimes it's nice to just vent. I want to run, to drink too much coffee, to walk without a waddle... but I know I could still have a few more weeks.

    The worst is that a higher majority of my friends had their kids early. Not normal, I know, but I can name 10-15 friends off the top of my head who had their first before 38 weeks, and they keep asking "is it time yet? is it time??" No, no it's not...... I have almost NO progress and still have an posterior cervix, so I'm not even starting to dilate, no loss of mucus plug... I feel so behind. I'd rather have slow progress then none at 38 weeks and counting. Yesterday we discussed at what point they'd induce (41.5 weeks) so it's likely right now I'll have another 3 weeks....

    Don't get me wrong, if he needs more time, so be it. I'm off work, and would rather have a healthy baby than anything in the world... but I'm ready for the end too!

    Jumping jacks anyone? 

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  • I totally know what you're feeling. I know she has 6 more weeks left to go, and I don't want her to come out a minute before she's ready. That said, the thought of 6 more weeks of getting drop-kicked in the ribs several times a day is not high on my list of favorite things.
  • I am right there with you!  My scheduled C-Section is 1/30...so I have a little less than 3 weeks.  My 1st was 9 weeks early and I prayed this entire pregnancy to let him make it this far so we would have no NICU time and all the stuff that goes along with a preemie but enough is enough.  I thought with my 1st I was big and uncomfortable...nothing compares to this.  I am falling apart in all ways, today eating breakfast half my tooth fell out!  So now I have to go to the dentist (one of my favorite things to do!).  But the pain of carrying a baby is so bad, I know the pain of the NICU and I get that what he needs is to be where he is but I'm just so ready.  I can't wait to go on a diet and feel like a human being again!  I'm actually hoping he comes on the 26th instead of the 30th...but still ready now!
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  • I know how you feel!! I am so sore and tired and I feel like I am missing tons of time with DD because by the end of the day I am too tired to get off the couch. I want LO to cook as long as she needs to. I had DD at 38 weeks and I would love to have this one about then too.
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  • AMEN SISTER!  I had 14.5 weeks of hellacious morning sickness while I was still in the military then got out and went straight into working 40+ hours a week doing retail photography which is 110% physical and mommies are not the nicest people I've discovered no matter how amazing the photos came out.  I myself am moving as well (crossing my fingers that we get the house today!).  And yes I feel like a whale and have to eat super slow at restaurants  with a pushy waiter trying to get me to hurry up.  No bueno.  Hopefully just a few more weeks and my little man will be here.  Oh and creepy male customers hitting on me. Dude I'm pregnant not fat back off!
  • I am proud of all of you!  I am just shy of 34 weeks and constantly wondering how I can keep going.  I am having such a hard time with everything, it seems like a contanstant battle.  I am just so tired, so uncomfortable, so big!  40 weeks seems so far away, and I just can't comprehend 6 more weeks of getting bigger and more uncomfortable.  I am thankful that the baby is healthy, I'm healthy and I have a job.  But it all seems so overwhelming most of the time.  Kudos to those of you who make it look/seem easy!  It's really a struggle for some of us.

  • thank you everyone!! it makes me feel better knowing that i am not the only one going through these emotions.. :)
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