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My 2 year old is acting mean to Grandpa

Suddenly in the past month my DD has been standoffish to my dad (her papa) and I am not sure why.  She wont give him kisses or hugs and if he tries to play with her she whines and runs away.  I feel horrible because he is taking it personally and is upset about it.  She has always loved my dad and is still nice to my mom, is this something I should be worried about? I forgot to ask the Dr. at our 2 year appt. today.  What should I do?

Re: My 2 year old is acting mean to Grandpa

  • That is what we are doing, but it's so strange! It happened out of nowhere! I just don't want him to feel bad, which he does.  She talks about him all the time but when we see him (which is VERY often) she hides her face and runs away.  My parents only live a few miles away so we see each other a few times during the week and pretty much all weekend.  It's really starting to upset my dad and I wish I could fix it!
  • Just a thought. Has your dad recently changed anything in his appearance?

    As a little girl, I remember being scared by my dad's growing a beard.

    Sometimes a small change is enough to put children off, some silly detail which they find difficult to accept (new glasses, new clothes, you name it).



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  • Could it be his voice? I know that sounds silly, but I was afraid of my friends' dads when I was little.  I think it may have been their deep voices. 
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  • I think sometimes it is a how they will prefer mommy and then suddenly mom is out and daddy is the best thing since sliced bread.

    My DD went through a couple of months where she wouldn't let my mom give her hugs or kisses goodbye, but my stepdad could.  My mom didn't push it and DD is back to hugs for grandma again!

  • I was thinking it might be his voice.  Sometimes he talks really loud, maybe she thinks hes shouting at her or something? It's just weird because he has been the same since she was born and it's just starting to bother her now? He hasn't changed his appearance, he doesn't have a beard... I am hoping this stops soon.  He isn't the only one she does this to, but it's new for him.  She does this to family/friends she doesn't see on a regular basis, but my dad and mom she sees all the time!
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